Your Relationship With Men – Is It Helping You?

relationship with men

​Your Relationship With Men...

​Is your relationship with men helping you to create what you want most in the world - or, perhaps, preventing you from doing that? In other words, are you in your own feminine power (not to be confused with being overpowering) - or playing out some role that we have learned as women? ​This video below will help you to decide.

Because our patriarchal, male world has taught us to show up in a way that supports the perpetual co-creation of our patriarchal institutions - so the balance of power remains more or less the same.

​We all know that co-creating requires a combination of masculine and feminine ingredients. But when we have learned such a narrow version of relationship with men and relating with them, we tend not in our full co-creative power when it comes to the masculine.

​And it's not some patriarchal code of conduct that we need to be following here. You were designed to engage your masculine energy in a way that is unique to you.

In situations that fall within the 'normal', this is not so obvious. But when it comes to creating something that challenges what others think is possible or appropriate for you - then this becomes ever more important.

​3 Ways To Tell If Your Relationship With The Masculine Is Supporting Your Creative Expression

​Your Creative Feminine​™ Design will reveal to you how you need to be expressing your own masculine energy so that you can show up in your full co-creative power with others. Examining your relationship with men will reveal whether or not you are expressing this part of you in a way that serves you.

In this video, by looking at your relationship with men, I share 3 ways you can tell if you are relating with the masculine in a way that empowers your creative endeavours.

​Exploring how your are designed to co-create with the masculine will be the focus of Module 5 of Your Creative Feminine™ Design Program.

​​I invite you to click here​ to learn more about how you need to engage your masculine ​- in order to birth your creative contribution now!

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