Worried About The Cost Of IVF At Age 51?

worried about the cost of ivf

Worried About The Cost of IVF ?  

Are you worried about the cost of IVF? If so, you are not alone. This article in Forbes magazine, shares some of the IVF cost breakdown in the United States. Along with hidden costs and a few pitfalls to watch out for. Some clinics have shared risk programs which provide a refund if IVF doesn't work.

And then one needs to consider IVF insurance coverage and what that offers. Naturally enough, costs vary from country to country. But exploring that is beyond the scope of this article. Just to provide an example of what is happening in the southern hemisphere, here is how it looks in Australia. This particular audio (below) and article came about in response to the following message I received from Martha who is worried about the cost of IVF.

The problem I have now revolves around money. A single IVF cycle will cost me more than $50,000 USD. Since I desire a son and daughter, unless I can have a boy and girl twins on the successful first attempt, this places the cost at more than $100,000 USD. I'm planning to withdraw my retirement savings to pursue treatment or try for financing....."

Martha, Age 51

Worried About the Cost Of IVF -
At 51 Years

There is more to this message that I share here. And when I read it fully, what came up for me strongly was the sense that 'we're under pressure here for time. And because there's very little time left, I have to make a decision fast'.

I was thinking that if this was my daughter (at age 51) sharing with me this story, I would be saying to her something like this. "I'm feeling that your feminine wisdom is asking you to step back a bit". While on the patriarchal surface it is loud and clear that there's very little time here, I would be inviting you to listen to your feminine and give yourself a breather first...

When trying to have a baby at 51 years this might sound crazy. What time is there for breathing? And I would actually go further with this. Consider that instead of having a few months to play with - if you're lucky, that you have five years. For example. That might sound nuts now. But in the future this idea (that at 51 year old woman has 5 fertile years and way more to play with) will likely be a conservative probability! 

Right now, as we're co-creating a new reality around fertility statistics, that may sound like a quite a stretch. Regardless Martha, I'm inviting you to give yourself permission to play with the idea at least. And imagine that you have five fabulously fertile years to play with and more!

In that process, you  set in motion a release, somewhat, from the patriarchal absolutes that have been connected with woman, the feminine and female fertility.

In this space then, you can begin to explore, "Well, what would I love?". So what would be coming up for you Martha? What would be different for you? Where would you be guided to focus your energy now? And what shifts for you when I ask you to entertain that?

Worried About the Cost Of IVF -
Feminine Wisdom on Finance

The second piece I am hearing is that your feminine is wanting you to see that your current relationship with money and finance is probably not what you truly want it to be. Now there's absolutely no judgement here.

What we have forgotten in patriarchy is that your feminine is tied into all your desires. All your wishes, and the kind of motherhood that you really, really want. I am wondering if the kind of motherhood and experience of woman that you would love, is to be in your power with money. A woman who is in a position to make these decisions very easily. A woman who has more financial resources than she needs. Would you love that Martha?

In patriarchy, a woman's financial empowerment has not been encouraged. Indeed, women have been downloaded with the expectation of depending on a man. And this has translated very easily into being dependent on a job. The theme here is dependency. And having to behave in a certain way for one's security. This has been part of the financial blueprint for women in patriarchy. It has had an impact on all of us.

Worried About the Cost Of IVF -
Or Is It Feminine Wisdom?

When you say that you are worried about the cost of IVF, could it be that there is something more behind that? A wisdom that is being guided by your fabulous feminine. Could it be true Martha that you are aching for a different relationship with money? And resources and finance. Than you want to be in your power with money? If there is a hint of truth in that possibility, I am asking you to sit down and really consider these questions:

What do I want? What kind of income would I love? One source or multiple streams? Once a week/month or on a consistent basis? Do I want to be able to see my wealth multiply every year? Do I want to have more than I need in my retirement? Would I love to be earning more in my retirement than I ever earned before? Because at the moment it's feeling like that money is running out. And in the background somewhere is concern about 'how am I going to cope when my children are college-age'?

Martha, I'm inviting you to sit down and hold the hand of your deep feminine wisdom. Draw the picture of what you would love. Be specific. You don't need to know where it's going to come from or how that can happen.That's not the point here. This is about creating a new relationship with money. And with your vision of what's possible for you in the future around resources and around your financial empowerment. In my view, this is connected to your fertility.

The money piece of your story is even more basic than the motherhood piece. Because the money piece is part of the woman, and the woman comes before the mother.

So Martha, I trust you to make the very best decision for you around this. I'm not offering advice here, but I am inviting you to breath. Entertain other possibilities. And give yourself permission to sit down with your feminine and discover what wants to be born for you as a woman and a mother in her financial power!

Audio - Worried About The Cost Of IVF

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