Why More Women Over 50 Will Have Babies

why more women over 50 will have babies

More Women Over 50 Will Have Babies  

More and more women over 50 will have babies. Let's accept that as a fact. It used to be that having babies at 40 was news - but that feels like ancient history now. Record numbers of women over 50 giving birth have already been documented, inspiring reports such as the rise of the 50 year old mom.

So this is a development that is here to stay. And grow in beautiful ways to 60, 70 and beyond! Needless to say, we are not asking here whether it is too old to have a baby after 50 because that is a personal journey for each woman. And it is time that women have full control of our own fertility and bodies instead of waiting for someone else's approval.

I have published previously on the idea of running out of time to have a baby at 50, whether you should just accept that it is too old to have a baby at 50 and what to do if you have only one embryo left at 49. While this audio and article below address the issue of why more and more women over 50 will have babies. What follows is 3 (of the many) reasons!

Why More Women Over 50 Will Have Babies
1st Reason  

The first reason why it will be common-place for women over 50 to have babies - naturally or otherwise - is because more and more women over 50 want this. (You will find feminine wisdom on the theme of 'natural' in my post called "Conceive Naturally at 48").

While there is assumption that the science (the male contribution) is what really matters here. That just reflects our patriarchal amnesia about the role of the feminine in the creative process.

And while the science piece is going to contribute in huge ways, if women are not on board it just ain't happening. In my view, women's individual and collective intentions around their fertility after 50 is the most powerful fuel in this evolution. And it is transforming limits about what is possible and acceptable for us "at this age".

Why More Women Over 50 Will Have Babies
2nd Reason  

The second reason why we are going to witness more and more women over 50 having babies naturally is because we are seeing case studies and research that is shedding new light on menopause and the female body.

For example, it is only in the last decade that we have the first documented evidence of a post-menopausal woman ovulating after 3 years. This and other research serves to shatter our notions about menopause and what it really means. And I am so grateful to all of the scientists and researchers involved in bringing this information to us.

Our understanding of the ovaries is evolving too, as we see such evidence as ovarian function returning after 20 years. This occurred in a woman who had experienced ovarian failure due to chemotherapy but it challenges the finites around female fertlity that we have been fed. And we are beginning to ask "what more is possible?". 

Why More Women Over 50 Will Have Babies
3rd Reason  

The third reason that we are going to see oodles more women over 50 having babies is that, for the first time in the field of fertility (in recent history), we are actually beginning to engage our feminine wisdom.

Up to now, our relationship with our fertility has been filtered through the eyes of patriarchy. Through the medical model and a male understanding of the feminine. And while hugely valuable, this perspective does not allow for a woman's feminine wisdom to show up. There is no room.

Indeed feminine wisdom - in that model - does not even exist. And the creative contribution of the feminine outside of ovulation and gestation is just not understood.

Now that we are beginning to engage our feminine wisdom and tune into our own personal guidance we are co-creating a new story together. One in which having a baby after 50 (naturally) will be run-of-the mill! I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share below!

Audio - More Women Over 50 Will Have Babies

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