What Menopause Means – Feminine Perspective

what menopause means

What Menopause Means  

Our dominant understanding around what menopause means has emerged in a world in which the masculine has written the rules. And created the stories that shape our perception of womanhood and female fertility. They look something like this and this and have huge value for sure.

(I explored this from another angle in a previous post which questioned the assumption that infertility is a medical issue). While here, in this audio and article below, I wanted to share my sense about what is happening around the meaning of menopause. In a way, I hope, that can support your fertility and your creativity now.

What Menopause Means -
In Patriarchy 

For me menopause reflects how patriarchy has perceived woman and the feminine. And echos how, in patriarchy, a woman's value has reduced considerably after the age of 40. Because, in patriarchal eyes, her youthfulness, beauty and ability to have babies diminish. And these have been perceived as her most important qualities.

Even though, historically, by the age of 40 most women would have had their fill of babies, women's own desires and intentions have never been factored into the age and fertility after 40 statistics. Or the interpretation of these findings and results. It has been assumed instead that she cannot have children any more.

But for me there is huge feminine wisdom waiting to be revealed in menopause!

What Menopause Means -
Feminine Wisdom 

When I look at the word 'menopause', my feminine wisdom wants me to receive this an invitation. And take a pause from patriarchal ideas about what woman is, what the feminine is, and her (our) creative contribution and value.

Men-o-pause. In other words, take a pause from the perspective of the masculine around the topic of female fertility.

The changes that begin for a woman after 40 (and have been linked to menopause) actually represent a powerful feminine birthing.

They are connected to a deeper knowing about the profound importance of the feminine - independent of age. One that understands that a woman's value and contribution expand exponentially around this time!

But we can only see that when we engage our feminine wisdom. And take a pause from patriarchy and the male version of a woman's creative pattern and purpose.

What Menopause Means -
Evolutionary Contribution

Being a woman in your 40's or 50's and 60's (and beyond) is potentially very exciting, empowering and fertile! When you begin to engage your feminine wisdom around it. (In the future, my sense is that menopause will begin much later - if we even have menopause as we know it now).

Right now though, there is something gorgeous happening around what menopause means on the planet. And you and I are part of that transformation. So when you hear the word menopause, I invite you to play with the idea that this is a reminder for you to engage your feminine wisdom more.

And remember that you belong to a movement of women Engaging the Feminine® and revealing the extraordinary power of how the creative feminine shows up at this point in a woman's journey. So you can leverage this in your fertility and life. And the true power of the feminine can meet with the wonder of the masculine to co create an entirely new experience in the world of fertility and on the planet!

Audio - What Menopause Means  

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