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want to know my fertility truth

Want To Know My Fertility Truth  

Has the thought ' I want to know my fertility truth' come up for you as a woman? (If you are wondering how you can even know if you are living your truth, this article shares 7 signs you are living your truth.)

But with regard to your fertility truth, I would like to address that topic by drawing on some feminine wisdom here. This audio and article below were inspired by Kate who shared with me the following:

"I would love to know the truth for me Deirdre (about having a baby).

I read a quote once about not living someone else's life,
but I'm afraid I could end up doing that"

Want To Know My Fertility Truth -
Patriarchal Download

Thank you so much, Kate, for your honesty here. This experience of living someone else's truth is very common. Especially for women. Because, in patriarchy, we have been trained to do what other people expect or want us to do.

This is coupled with the belief that a woman's most valuable creative contribution is having children. And that it has been her "responsibility" to provide heirs for her husband. Even though these patriarchal notions are not necessarily said aloud any more (in many parts of the world), they nonetheless form a heavy mist around a woman's relationship with her fertility and her creative self.

As a result, it is very common for a woman to feel huge pressure around having a baby. Even if that is not something that has ever been part of her vision for herself up until that. (Of course, a woman can change her mind, but much of the urgency can be traced back to our patriarchal understanding of the biological clock after 40.)

So this is a fantastic topic to be reflecting on when trying to conceive - especially in fertility after 40 and fertility after 50. (Have a look at this if you are wondering if you will cope with motherhood after 50) . Because many of us have been trying to get pregnant under patriarchal pressure. As opposed to trying to get pregnant because that is what feels authentic for you at the core of your being.

Want To Know My Fertility Truth
My Personal Experience

As an aside Kate, I can relate to this question and actually recall many years back, my then boyfriend asking me:

"Do you care about anything Deirdre? 

Because every time I ask if you want to do this, or do that,

your response is 'I don't mind".'"

That comment came like a ton of bricks on my head. But I realised that what he was saying was true. That even though I was deeply passionate about many things and had a clear vision of many aspects of what I wanted in the future, the way I was showing up in my relationship and in my life was as the accommodating "good girl".

In reality, I was handing over my power to him and to others. And assuming that other people's preferences were more valuable than my own.

I had lost my connection with my truth and,  in many ways, was actually living someone else's life. Or a cacophony of other people's lives. Without even realising it. Until that insightful comment - which was a turning point for me .....

Want To Know My Fertility Truth
Engaging The Feminine®

My invitation for you Kate, is to begin engaging your feminine here and give yourself time and space to explore this further for yourself. Because this sense of "I don't know what my truth is" is a function of the patriarchal download.

One that has informed us that "truth" is outside of us - that somebody else has it. It's in this book or in some other person's head. But that is just not the case.

Your feminine truth is within you. Your fertility truth is within you. And it will be unique to you as a woman. What you discover may be very different to what is true for others. But that doesn't make it any less accurate or valid for you.

Your fabulous feminine wisdom wants to be heard here...and she is tuned into who you truly are and the woman you came here to be. (This is something I teach in my Your Creative Feminine® Design Retreat).

Want To Know My Fertility Truth
Feminine Wisdom

It's a good idea to ask yourself why you want a baby Kate - just to make sure that this 'wanting' is your own. Very often as women, it's actually somebody else's wanting we are entangled with - especially when it comes to our fertility.

Perhaps it is your deepest desire..... but not right now, in these circumstances or with this person etc.

Intend to listen in earnest to your feminine wisdom as she shows up in your feelings and desires. Practise with the small things. So for example, is it true for you to take a drink of water now, or not? To choose coffee, or tea?

And while that sounds very simple, when you are consciously tuning into your feminine wisdom here you will discover that one option will feel at least fractionally better than another. And over time, as you continue to flex that feminine muscle (and choose what feels better), you will find yourself living your truth much more easily.

From now on, feel yourself walking safely with your Feminine Truth. Feel her holding your hand. And allow her to be with you in all your decisions.

Understand that this will be a journey.  Don't expect necessarily to suddenly know your truth (although that can happen very quickly as you engage your feminine wisdom). Be curious. Have fun and observe how you begin to feel much more supported in your life as you honour your truth in the small choices the each new day brings.

Audio - Want To Know My Fertility Truth

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