Want To Have A Baby For Him – I’m 45

want to have a baby for him

Want To Have A Baby For Him  

So you want to have a baby for him? According to this research, baby fever is a real emotion and men get it too.  But are you sure that you want to have a baby for him?

In another post, I explored whether having a baby at 45 or wanting that is 'normal'. While, this article and audio below emerged in response to a message I received from a woman who shared the following:

'I'm 45 Deirdre, and have been with my younger partner for a few years. When we met, I promised him that I would have a baby for him but all efforts have failed.'

Want To Have A Baby For Him -
Patriarchal Download

I really appreciate this honest share and would like to respond here in a way that can you serve now. The sense that a woman has to or should produce a baby, is very much part of the patriarchal download. A woman's value has been seen in terms of her ability to produce babies, and at some level that has been a duty.

And even if it feels archaic, this idea still prances presumptuously around the planet. And sneaks into our personal relationships. So, many women find themselves under pressure to produce. And this pressure increase significantly after 40 if you haven't had a baby..

But feeling under pressure to produce disconnects us from our creative power. Because there is a fear that this may not happen. And a sense that "my value to my partner is contingent on whether or not I can have a baby".

It's also often tied into a fear of 'him leaving' (another patriarchal delight!). All of which squeeze the life out of how your feminine shows up in the creative process. And this has an impact on your fertility 'results'.

Want To Have A Baby For Him -
Feminine Wisdom

I can totally relate as this came up for me in my own fertility journey.  But what I also understand now, is that my feminine was asking for something bigger than that.

Her plan for me was much more beautiful than just about having a baby. She was guiding me into creating a context and relationship in which it was safe for me to be me. One in which my value was independent of my production.

So I'm inviting you to consider here, that perhaps there's something even more important that wants to be born for you first. For example, being able to show up in your relationship knowing your true worth. Full stop. Period!

Want To Have A Baby For Him -
Fertile Future?

Your future is fertile after 45 and well beyond. The real question for me is "what do you want to create now"? For you. Remember that the emphasis on female reproduction is a download of patriarchy.

Would you love a more authentic, deeper connection to be born between yourself and your partner. Or to have a baby while feeling valuable and valued... just the way you are?

If you find it useful, you could listen to this audio with him so that it may inspire an open conversation. But my sense is that something else wants to be birthed here first.

Could it be that it's not about your age, your biological clock after 40 or running out of time to have a baby? But that it has much more to do with you reclaiming from the patriarchal download, your unconditional worth as a woman now.

Audio - Want To Have A Baby For Him

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