Want My Baby To Have My Genes – Feminine Wisdom On Donor Eggs

want my baby to have my genes

Want My Baby To Have My Genes  

Can you relate to this: "I want my baby to have my genes"? And is it an issue for you when it comes to the topic of donor eggs, surrogacy or adoption? This video and article below were inspired by a theme that many women - who want a baby after 40 - have shared with me. It goes like this:

I am concerned about not being able to pass on my genes to my child and for this reason cannot consider donor eggs.

So I am guided to drizzle another flavour of feminine wisdom on this conversation with the intention of empowering you as a woman and a mother around this topic. What I feel can be most useful to address, first of all, is the fact that often what I hear most strongly in these comments, is the resistance to having somebody else's baby. The saying "no" to having a child with somebody else's genes.

What I notice is that this part of the story can be much more emotionally charged than the desire - "I want my baby to have my genes". Does it matter? Yes. Because when this is true, we are pouring our creative energy into what we don't want.

But when we understand the contribution of the feminine in the co-creative process and baby-making, we are more conscious about energising our desires (as opposed to resisting what we don't want). So I am inviting you to engage your feminine wisdom here and invest your energy in what you would love around this. Play around with the thought "I love that my baby has my genes". And see how that feels instead.

Want My Baby To Have My Genes -
Patriarchal Ideas

I would like to mention also the current dominant understanding we have about genes and genetic contribution in the world. I feel that a huge part of this has been shaped by our patriarchal understanding of life and the creative process.

The linear reality we've been taught to believe in, informs us that information (including genetic material) comes down from the forefathers. Our education models, for example, echo this clearly when we see the teacher sharing knowledge/wisdom with the students - but not visa versa. Similarly, when it comes to genes, we have this idea of the line of people who have come before us. And how they have passed on their genes to us.

And, of course, there is true. We can see evidence of this all around us. But it not the full truth. It's not the complete picture. Because it excludes, in my view, a more feminine understanding of connection, contribution, co-creation and how information flows. 

Want My Baby To Have My Genes -

We can see this clearly in the field of epigenetics.  For example, Bruce Lipton, back in the '60s, when working with stem cells discovered something very interesting.

A muscle stem cell (myoblast), in many situations does become a muscle as expected . But when he changed the environment - those same identical cells which should have become muscles - became bone cells. Another alteration to the environment caused them to grow into fat cells.

He concluded that the environment matters way more that we have been led to believe. That what is created is not influenced only by DNA and the genetic line. The space in which it happens has a huge impact too. For me, this is pointing us to the hidden influence and power of feminine embrace in the co-creative process. 

Recently, we have discovered that the DNA in the womb lining has an impact on the embryo development even if the egg is not a woman's own egg. In that way, a woman can contribute hugely to the development of this baby. If not to the actual genes, to what is called forth from these genes to be expressed in this unique child.

Want My Baby To Have My Genes -
Feminine Wisdom

So I am inviting you to let go of the idea that your unique contribution to your baby is limited to the linear, patriarchal understanding of co-creation.

And open up to the reality that your essence and lineage can gift in another way. That the beauty of your genetic line, as it shows up in your womb for example, creates sacred feminine space. That can draw forth the very best of this beautiful embryo. And the very best of your beautiful children. Even if the egg was given by another woman.

Video - I Want My Baby To Have My Genes

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