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want donor egg baby to feel like mine

Want Donor Egg Baby To Feel Like Mine   

Have you been thinking along the lines of "want donor egg baby to feel like mine"? Whether a baby born of donor eggs could actually feel like your own is something that many women over 40 who want to have a baby find themselves wondering about.

For links to external articles, you can read on what motherhood after egg donation can be like. And the experience of having a child to whom you have no genetic link.

In this audio and article below, I will address the issue of "want donor egg baby to feel like mine" by drawing on feminine wisdom.

Want Donor Egg Baby To Feel Like Mine -
Patriarchal Mindset

It was inspired by Vee who shared the following: "I am considering donor eggs ..but am afraid of what people will say and gossiping that this is not my child".

First of all Vee, I would just like to remind you that in the old paradigm, movement of information and energy has been very much linear. Or perceived in that way.

So the teacher passes on information to the student. And family connection comes down through the ancestors in a line from grandparents to parents to children.

And of course this is true. Information does flow in this way. And so does family connection. Sometimes we only have to look in the mirror to find evidence of that!

Want Donor Egg Baby To Feel Like Mine -
Feminine Wisdom

But your feminine wisdom has access to a much bigger story that is not so obvious Vee. And I invite you to play with the following idea: that this child is your child. Even if the egg is donated, this child is indeed your child.

More specifically, begin to play with speaking this phrase and just see how it feels. (I recommend listening to the audio below as it is more valuable than the text in this instance).

"This is my child.
This is my child.
This is my child".

Now, if you remain in the patriarchal interpretation of what motherhood is, well then that could feel like a lie. But if you are open to feminine perspective, you have access to an understanding, or an interpretation, that is aware of relationship and family connection not limited to genetic material. Or the linear flow.

Want Donor Egg Baby To Feel Like Mine -
What Science Is Saying

We already know from science that the womb environment contributes to shaping the expression of the donor egg, so there is a beautiful contribution there.

And it is true that in the old paradigm, there could be only one mother. Only that was a possibility. The feminine, however, has never been limited to this perspective. And now with this new evidence from science, the patriarchal position is also being called to expand. 

So I'm inviting you to relax into the idea "this child is mine." Not with the intention of denying the contribution of the woman who has donated the egg though. As you might feel you have to - in a patriarchal world - in order to secure your place as mother with your donor egg baby.

Want Donor Egg Baby To Feel Like Mine -
Feminine Visualisation

Play with this possibility instead (this is much more powerful in the audio below). Imagine that you are holding hands with this woman (the egg donor) . You are side by side and there's an ancient friendship between you. Just pure love.

You are pregnant and happy. Very healthy. Oozing life. And you announce to this woman, "this child is your child and this child is mine". And she responds, "this child is your child and this child is my child". How does that feel?

When I say those words it feels very connected, loving and expansive. Not limited to a patriarchal interpretation. And tapped in beautifully to the Form step of my Feminine Engagement Method™ (in which you Form a story that feels good and is not limited to patriarchal notions).

Want Donor Egg Baby To Feel Like Mine -
Flowing With Your Feminine

So if that feels even a little bit more uplifting than concern about donor egg baby bonding. Or the fear that you won't feel like this child is yours -  that is guidance from your feminine wisdom. And an invitation to play around with this idea a bit more.

This child is mine. This child is mine. Because it is possible Vee, to Form a story here, a feminine story that allows you to express that and feel it as truth.

I hope there was value in this for you and would love to hear what comes up when you engange with these words and images.

Audio - Want Donor Egg Baby To Feel Like Mine  

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