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want a baby but feeling old

Want A Baby But Feeling Old  

Want a baby but feeling old at 47? You are not alone. However, in my preparation for this post I discovered an interesting article written by a woman who found herself pregnant at 47. And another one by a woman who gave birth at 47 following an unplanned pregnancy. Uplifting if you want to have a baby at 47!

This audio and article came about in response to a comment from Alexandra on a post I published called 'Too Old To Have a Baby At 50?'. Below is the excerpt from her share that I will be addressing here:

."Hi, Deirdre. I'm going to be 47 in a few weeks, and I'm starting to feel old...... I'm starting to see that these physical changes (in skin, hair etc.) are affecting my vibration deeply and profoundly......

.....I think part of feeling young is looking in the mirror and seeing what is commonly associated with young, and I'm having a hard time when I look in the mirror. Perhaps I shouldn't look in the mirror

Want A Baby But Feeling Old -
Patriarchal Download 

Alexandra, I so appreciate this share and your honesty in it. I know that many of us can absolutely relate to what's going on for you.

What comes up for me, immediately, is that what you are feeling is something that has been deeply and profoundly etched into our sense of value as women. The idea that our value reduces deeply and profoundly once we hit a certain age or once our skin and body start showing signs of that.

And often there is a palpable sense (when we look in the mirror) of - 'I am less valuable (attractive) now' - in this patriarchal world.

Want A Baby But Feeling Old -
Feminine History 

So it can be useful to remember that this huge angst you are feeling makes sense. Because it has been part of our our collective history as women - this opinion that our value is linked to our youth and beauty.

It's coming from a patriarchal world that does not understand the contribution of the feminine beyond sexual pleasure or child-bearing. And cannot grasp at all the incredible worth and power of women over 40 and 50.

We are being invited Alexandra, to change that now in the world. Together, as women and as mothers. And this deep and profound response that is coming up for you is part of the collective feminine scream telling us that "enough is enough".

Want A Baby But Feeling Old -
A New Feminine Story  

So, rather than interpret this as, "Oh, no, my vibration is off, this is awful", I would like to invite you to draw on the Form step of my Feminine Engagement Method™. And move beyond these patriarchal notions.

What if these deep, profound feelings are a personal invitation from your feminine wisdom to Form a new story around this subject?

How might you do that? Here is one possibility. If you feel bad when you look at your skin in the mirror, then look at a different part of you. A part of you that is beyond the patriarchal reach. One in which you can still detect your youthful essence.

Want A Baby But Feeling Old -
Connecting With Your Youthful Essence

I'm referring to your eyes. And the ageless life in your eyes Alexandra. Develop the habit of being present with your youthful essence in the mirror - by looking into your eyes. With the intention of diving deeply into your gorgeous feminine gaze.

Not a superficial patriarchal peep that could be distracted by lines. Instead, peer positively and perceive your true value and youthful essence as it is oozing through your beautiful eyes now.

This may require practice, because the download has been to focus on what is wrong, deteriorating or ageing in a woman. But we are Forming a new story around the feminine and how she is viewed on the planet. And this is part of that new story.

Want A Baby But Feeling Old -
Feminine Wisdom

My sense is that your deep feminine wisdom wants you to connect-in and rdiscover yourself beyond the patriarchal idea of who and what you are.

And I'm inviting you to include this in your daily routine. With the intention of establishing a new relationship with your feminine wisdom, your feminine beauty and your youthful essence.

Whenever 'feeling old' surfaces for you, let it call you into your empowerment and into knowing your true youthful essence right now. And allow it to catapult you into your powerful creativity so you really can flower as a woman and a mother now.

Audio - Want A Baby But Feeling Old

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