Want A Baby at 50 Years Plus – Is This Selfish?

want a baby at 50 years

Want A Baby At 50 Years?  

Is it ethical or selfish to want a baby at 50 years? As a woman I mean. Because the chances are that the response will be different if we are referring to a man who states "I want a baby at 50 years".

​A nice little patriarchal bias!

But that isn't the only patriarchal bias that rears is mighty head when a woman says "I want a baby at 50 years". Nope.

In general, a woman's desires have been viewed negatively in our patriarchal world that has been designed around masculine values.

Ranging from utterly irrelevant to entirely inconvenient, we have been trained that feminine desires are selfish and wasteful. So, if we want a baby at 50 years, we may not even allow ourselves to pursue that in earnest because of these ingrained judgements.

"I Want a baby at 50 years" -
New Normal In The Future Of Fertility?

Another patriarchal influence regarding how we perceive a woman who has the guts to say " I want a baby at 50 years", is the fact that the role of the feminine in the creative process is totally misunderstood.

Patriarchy has not grasped yet the role of desires and feelings in the evolutionary process. Instead, it begins to "think" about the issue based on what already is and delivers a "reasonable" response. This has worked in many ways. But left the feminine doubting herself. And not bringing forth what she has come here to birth.

As women begin to listen to their own truth, will 50 become the new 40 for motherhood? Will we here more and more women say " I want a baby at 50 years"?  Will we have more and more 'pregnant at 50 stories'? More articles entitled "Pregnant at 50 Symptoms"?

My prediction is that as we begin to engage our feminine wisdom in fertility after 40 and fertility after 50, we will become less concerned about what others (patriarchy) have to say and trust more how life wants to be expressed through us as women and mothers.

We belong to something much bigger that is not one bit distracted by age! Interesting to note that the numbers of women who want a baby at 50 years and above is on the rise!

Video - Who do You Think You Are
to Want A Baby at 50 Years?

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