Using Your Feminine Fuel? 3 Ways To Tell

feminine fuel

​Are You Using Your Feminine Fuel? 

​In this video I share with you 3 ways that you can tell if you are using your feminine fuel. Why? Because we have been taught that the 'fuel' for our creations consists of hard work, staying focused and being a 'good' person (as our patriarchal, male world defines this for women).

And while applying ourselves and persisting are important, if you are not receiving the fuel you need progress will be limited. ​Like a car, when you are running on empty it doesn't matter how strong your desire is to birth what you want to birth - or your capacity to do so. 

But when you fuel up in a way that honours your unique Creative Feminine™ Design, then you will find yourself moving forward on your feminine path with ease and efficiency. This video below shares 3 ways in which you can tell if you are using your feminine fuel... or not.

​​In Module 3 of Your Creative Feminine™ Design, I will be teaching you about your Creative Feminine™ Fuel​ so that you can ​create what is most meaningful to you as a woman now. I invite you to ​click here to find out more!