Unexplained Infertility At 44 – What Unexplained Infertility Really Means!

unexplained infertility at 44

Unexplained Infertility At 44    

This article on unexplained infertility at 44 was inspired by the following question I received from Jem:

"At 44, are my eggs really chromosomally bad? My AMH, LH, and FSH are in the normal ranges and I have unexplained infertility. Cycles are like clockwork, but the doctor said it's because my eggs are chromosomally poor."

Unexplained Infertility at 44

I responded to this question in three parts. Part one and two are the focus of this article and video. The third, addresses chromosomal abnormalities at 44.

Unexplained Infertility At 44 -
What That Really Means!

The first aspect of this question that I would love to shed some light on is the whole issue of unexplained infertility at 44 or any age. Most women, when they hear unexplained infertility, believe that it is:

  • (1) A diagnosis
  • (2) A diagnosis of infertility

Not true!

What unexplained infertility at 44 actually means is that, from a patriarchal perspective, we cannot explain why you are not becoming pregnant.

Within the understanding of patriarchy, within that medical approach, the medical model, we cannot explain it. This article articulates it in another way. According to Dr. R. Sherbahn MD, it means that the "doctors can't figure it out". 

That's all that unexplained infertility means.

Isn't that wonderful? Futhermore, there is a hidden message here if you care to look a little closer. And it goes something like this. ."When wondering about how to get pregnant with unexplained infertility, you need to look for other possibilities here. We don't have the answers."

In my perspective, this is an invitation for you to begin to engage your feminine wisdom in this so that you can be one of the unexplained infertility success stories. So how can you start to do that?

Focus In A Feminine Way

This leads me to the second part that I would love to support you on. It involves introducing you one of the steps of my Feminine Engagement Method™, which is focus.

This is feminine focus, which is a very different quality to a masculine or patriarchal focus. In patriarchy we have been trained to focus on the problem and fix it. Feminine focus involved maintaining your attention on what feels good and what you want to grow in your life.

I'll just demonstrate what that might look like in this example. The focus here would be just to be aware that all that that 'diagnosis' means is that they don't know yet why it's not happening for you.

Let's ponder this further..

If it was your neighbour who just told you that he didn't know why you have not had a baby yet you probably wouldn't be bothered. You might even laugh. And there is a gift in this.

When your focus inspires a smile, this is feedback from your feminine wisdom. She understands the power of maintaining your attention on what feels good when creating what you want. So return to this perspective if it triggers a feminine twinkle in your eye!

I would also love to invite you to focus on the fact that even though you are 44 years young, your age is not being blamed. Yippee! In the future we'll have the same story for fifty-five, sixty, sixty-five. But it's wonderful that you're already attracting that into your life.

At 44, that not having a baby yet is not being explained by your age, is something fabulous to focus on!

 Fertile, Feminine Focus

Another piece of your story to which I'd love to draw your feminine focus, is the rhythm of your cycles and all these levels that are in normal ranges.

It's like your body is screaming, saying, "Yes, you're able, you're vital, you're alive, you're in alignment in all these ways. We are ready to support you in having a baby." But there are other pieces of the puzzle that are not quite aligned yet and I address some of those here.

In the future, articles like this around unexplained infertility will be guiding women to explore their feminine wisdom when this 'diagnosis' shows up. ​In the meantime, I invite you to tap into yours and share with us below!

 Video - Unexplained Infertility at 44

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