Try IVF Once More? – 3 Tips To Get Your Answer

try ivf once more

Try IVF Once More?  

Have you been wondering if you should try IVF once more? That question might stem from within yourself. But often it comes as a result of the tireless ticking of our current understanding around the biological clock after 40.

I will share a couple of links to external sites you might find useful, before responding to this from a more feminine perspective. For example, here you will find an explanation for why IVF might not have worked and what you can learn from it to support a second ivf cycle. And this link shares interesting statistics about getting pregnant naturally after IVF.

In case it is relevant in your situation, I have answered the question 'should I give up or try with donor eggs' in a previous post. And explored already what to do if you have just one embryo left

Try IVF Once More -
Well, Should I?

So this post is a response to the following question I received:

"Should I try one more IVF Deirdre?"

Those who follow my publications will not be surprised to know that, before addressing the energy I am feeling here, I would first like to zero in on the word "should".

And remind you here that this "should" belongs to the patriarchal indoctrination which has trained us to look outside ourselves for answers. (For example, this can show up in a tendency to incessantly trawl the internet, or seek the opinions of parents/partners/friends/experts on a constant basis.

So I just invite you to step out of that for a moment and open to the possibility that there is no "correct" external answer here. That this is a very personal journey, unique to you. And that your answers lie within.

Try IVF Once More -
Last Chance Energy?

The second part I'd like to address in your question, is that I hear within it a strong sense of 'this is my last chance'. And when you are entering into anything with that mindset there is huge pressure on.

Pressure on yourself, on others and on the whole process. Not fun - as you probably know well. And not empowering you either. Or helping you to connect with your full creative power here.

It's totally understandable that you might feel like that. But I am inviting you, even temporarily, to let go of this 'last chance energy'. And here are a few tips around how you can do that while assisting you in finding the 'right' answer for you now.

Try IVF Once More -
3 Tips To Help You Get Your Answer

What's most important here, in my experience, is that you are tuning into your feminine wisdom. And here are my 3 feminine tips around that:

Feminine Tip 1: Ask questions (of yourself) that connect you with how you feel about the issue. As opposed to how you think about it. Or think you should feel! Below I share a few example for you to play with.

  • Does it feel right for me now to proceed with IVF?
  • Am I feeling drawn to exploring IVF now?
  • Does moving along the IVF path feel more or less expansive for me?

Feminine Tip 2: Add the word 'now' to your questions. For two reasons: (1) because it is something you can find the answer to (what you feel right now in response to the inquiry) and (2) it doesn't close the door on having another possibility in the future so makes it easier to hear what is true for you now.

Feminine Tip 3: Remove words like 'once more' or 'again' from the question. Because including them stirs up what has happened in the past. And will possibly remind you of failure - so will influence how you feel when you ask it. In this instance, you might feel awful with the question because of the memories it elicits.

So pretend you are starting with a blank slate so you can discern how you feel now about moving forward. Because that is what really matters here.

Try IVF Once More -

When you are engaging your feminine wisdom - and tuning into your own true feelings - things become much clearer. And you are able to make decisions that are right for you. Decisions that lead you in the direction of your deepest desires.

It's not about listening once and coming to a final conclusion based on that. This is about taking a feminine journey and developing the habit of attending regularly within in order to ascertain how you really

Your feminine wisdom has access to a much broader understanding than our linear approach to life and fertility. And she is there to guide you step by step into the loveliest expression of womanhood for you. If you dial into her on the way.

Practice and see how you feel. And let us know below what comes up for you!

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