Tried Everything to Get Pregnant After 40?

Tried Everything to Get Pregnant

Tried Everything To Get Pregnant?  

Do you sometimes think that you have tried everything to get pregnant? It is a phrase I have heard time and time again over the years. "Deirdre, I have tried everything to get pregnant".

Some women are referring to exploring avenues like IUI or IVF. Others also include in that mix massage, meditation, positive thinking, Chinese medicine and a wide range of other therapies and supports. All of these have huge value.

However, what I have noticed is that nine times out of 10, when a woman shares with me that she has tried everything to get pregnant, there will be a gaping hole in this picture. She will not have tried or even considered connecting with her feminine wisdom and guidance on the fertility journey. Indeed, there may not even be an awareness that the feminine part of the fertility puzzle (beyond the egg and womb) has been omitted almost entirely.

Tried Everything To Get Pregnant...
From A Patriarchal Perspective!

It is totally understandable that, in a patriarchal model, we would pour most of our fertility energy into the medical model (when seeking solutions). And then engage in alternative methods from a patriarchal perspective.

One of the patriarchal pieces I'm referring to here is the idea that our answers and success are outside of us. That we need somebody else to fix or save us.

That approach has served us for sure. But if you are trying to have a baby after 40, you are being invited to include in your fertility picture your feminine wisdom. Your feminine guidance. Your feminine power. And to take regular time to do that.

It sounds simple. But, in our patriarchal world, this kind of investment in self, in woman, in the feminine has been totally negated.

Making Time For Your Feminine
In Your Fertility

My intention here is to create resources for you so that each blog post is a mini Retreat from Patriarchy™ for you. I'm also organising feminine wisdom into systems that you can apply in your fertility right now.

I invite you to begin by Engaging the Feminine™ in your fertility and life. Intend to foster a new relationship with your feminine. Intend to include her from now on. Join our community. Participate in the blog posts and allow yourself to flower as a woman and a mother now!

Imagine telling your yet-to-be-born child about the time you thought you had tried everything to get pregnant! Just before you began engaging your feminine wisdom.....

Audio - I've Tried Everything To Get Pregnant

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