Transform Infertility to Motherhood

transform infertility to motherhood

Transform Infertility To Motherhood   

Can you really transform infertility to motherhood? I suppose that depends on who you are asking. This video post came about in response to the following question:

How can I empower my feminine and
my fertility as I grow older?

I will answer it in a way that helps you transform infertility to motherhood now. So, the first thing that comes up for me here is to move away from preoccupation with the destination. Let me say that in another way.

Often on the fertility journey, our focus is really tied up in having the baby. Of course that's important. And indeed that is driving you to engage here with me, a desire to transform infertility to motherhood. However, focusing our full energy on just the outcome is a patriarchal approach based on the idea that only the end result matters. But in doing this, we forget the importance of the journey.

Transform Infertility To Motherhood -
by Engaging Your Feminine Wisdom

You can begin right now to transform infertility to motherhood. What I would encourage you to do, is to lean in to the idea (the feminine knowing) that your ​fertility journey is really important. That every step on the path has significance. And that, in some way, each and every part of your fertility history is supporting you into becoming the mother you want to be.

Because in truth, this is not just about you having a baby and becoming a mother. This is about you showing up as the kind of mother, experiencing the kind of motherhood that you would love.

It's not just about having the baby, as patriarchy would happily have us believe. This is about you feeling good in motherhood. Being in your power. Feeling confident in your choices, in your decisions as a woman and mother. And every step on your journey here is part of that preparation. Part of your motherhood.

Transform Infertility To Motherhood Now!

You can transform infertility to motherhood now by claiming that feminine perspective. You are on your motherhood journey. You are developing your motherhood wisdom.

So in order to transform infertility to motherhood, I invite you to step back. Engage fully in the beautiful, wise journey that you are on. When you take the power away from the patriarchal idea that just the end result is what matters, you are engaging your feminine wisdom.

You are empowering your feminine. You are supporting your fertility. You are opening up to something really magical for you now on this journey that will also benefit you enormously as a mother! That is my experience and the experience of countless women I have worked with.

Video - Transform Infertility to Motherhood

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