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high risk pregnancy age 40

High Risk Pregnancy Age 40 Plus   

My exploration of high risk pregnancy age 40 plus was very informative. And humbling. What came up for me is deep gratitude to all the doctors and researchers who have poured their lives into supporting women and managing high risk pregnancy age 40 and beyond.

It reminded me of all the support I received when I was not feel well prior to the birth of my girls. And the importance of having a great team around you if you need it.

But let's get back to high risk pregnancy age 40 plus! It is not unusual for women who are planning on getting pregnant at 40 plus to wonder if it is even safe to get pregnant after 40.  And at the same time, there are so many pregnancy at 40 success stories (and way beyond 40).

It makes intuitive and medical sense that differentiating between chronological and biological age is important. And this quote, in particular, jumped out at me:

If you're in your 40s and healthy, you have a much better chance of carrying a healthy baby to term than a woman of the same age who has a chronic illness or poor health habits.

James E. Ferguson, M.D.
President of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine

High Risk
My Experience

The words 'high risk' trigger alarm. My intention is this video and article is to share feminine wisdom on high risk pregnancy age 40 plus so that you can transform it from alarm into feminine possibility!

What I did, when I was referred to as "high risk" was to accept it fully. But not in the patriarchal way. I accepted it while engaging my feminine wisdom. Here is how I received it:

"Yes, I am high-risk. I am high-risk for great joy. I am high-risk for love and glee in my family life. I am high-risk for showing up as a woman and mother that will make me proud in 20 years time. I'm high-risk of having the most fabulous fertility journey. I am high-risk at allowing myself to transform other people's labels and perspectives and limiting beliefs about me into something that liberates me forever".

High Risk Pregnancy Age 40 -
Feminine Wisdom

As I speak those words, I feel fun,  adventure and possibility. It's good. I'm tuned into my feeling component, my feminine. I'm letting her provide feedback and guidance instead of just accepting the patriarchal interpretation and download as the complete story.

So if high risk pregnancy age 40 plus is coming up as an issue for you, I invite you to let your feminine join in the dance! Play around with the word "high-risk".

Use it to tease out what would you love in this pregnancy. What would you love as a mother? What kind of adventures, what kind of magic would you like to experience with your baby? And see how that feels in your body. Observe how your feminine responds when you adopt that attitude.

This is not about resisting the medical model or not taking care of yourself in the best way possible. But co-creation requires both the masculine and feminine. So I invite you to tune into your feminine wisdom and receive the very best from the medical model so you can transform high risk pregnancy at 40 plus into flowering as a woman and mother now!

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