Time Running Out To Have A Baby At 48?

time running out to have a baby at 48

Time Running Out To Have A Baby?  

Do you feel time running out to have a baby? The image above captures well this idea that dominates fertility after 40. And burns away at the hope's of women trying to get pregnant.

We are all familiar with the fertility graphs that add fuel to the fire. But the reality is that the kindling is prepared decades earlier and long before you could ever want a baby at 50 years for example.

It causes even women in their thirties to doubt their fertility and hope (sometimes desperately) that the 'time running out to have a baby' viewpoint is a myth.

Time Running Out To Have A Baby -
 Thyroid Function

This audio and article below were inspired by an article I discovered by Dr. Christiane Northrup, while researching my post on thyroid and fertility.

She shared that thyroid issues are connected to our relationship with time and a sense that time is running out. Or that there is just not enough of time.

I have already published on the topic of running out of time to have a baby. But because this is such a burning issue, it felt important to explore it in another way here that can serve you now.

Time Running Out To Have A Baby -
Patriarchal Perspectives

The idea that time is running out stems from a linear idea of time which governs our patriarchal world and the topic of the biological clock after 40. In this model of the world, we tend to process time in the following way:

Behind us is the line of history, and in front of us is the line of our future. And there is a sense that, as we move forward, that the future piece continuously reduces until it disappears altogether. In the fertility world that translates into huge pressure on women around 'time running out to have a baby'.

But even though we experience this linear interpretation of time as "fact" - because that is how we have been educated - it is important to remember that this is just a perspective. A habit that has been a corner stone of our male dominated, patriarchal world.

Time Running Out To Have A Baby -
Engaging The Feminine™

The feminine, on the other hand, has a different relationship with time. One that includes other possibilities. And she is constantly showing that to us.

When we look to nature, we observe winter, spring, summer and autumn. Which circles gracefully around again to winter, spring, summer, autumn.

In each of those phases, very distinct pieces of the co-creative process take place. Each of which has huge value. But there is absolutely no sense from nature that time is running out. Rather, what is most obvious here is that time is coming around.

And I am inviting you to play around with this idea instead.

Time Is Coming Around To Have A Baby!

Because that feels very different. And when you are engaging your feminine wisdom in your fertility, you understand that how you feel really, really matters.

When time is coming around - which it is- then the pressure eases off a little bit. And it creates a beautiful circle...that doesn't run out. With this image, there is no opportunity for it to run out as the cycle continues.

Female fertility is closely connected to this circular expression and relationship with time. And on the audio below I invite you to play with a few statements such as:

  • Time is coming around
  • Time always come around
  • Time is coming around to me
  • Time always comes around to support me
Time Is Coming Around To Me!

So when you are on the fertility journey, in your fifties perhaps, draw on this when you begin to feel 'time running out to have a baby'. Practice, saying to yourself, for example, "time always comes around to me". Notice what comes up when you do that.

You may notice that it establishes a soft spray of fresh water over that patriarchal fire. A sense of safety, perhaps, and a trusting of the wisdom in the passage of time. Urgency subsides somewhat and you might observe that you don't feel forced to grab time and whatever is available (even if it doesn't feel right). For fear you might not have a baby.

But rather, my hope is that you feel connected to a more feminine space, in which time is a friend of your fertility. And what you have come to co-create. And from that, more peaceful place, you can, do and will make the best decisions to support you now and through-out motherhood!

Audio - Time Running Out To Have A Baby?

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