Thyroid Infertility Natural Treatments

thyroid infertility natural treatments

Thyroid Infertility Natural Treatments    

Thyroid infertility natural treatments are of interest to more and more women over 40. Not surprising as in this patriarchal world we see so many women experience hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism (7 times more than men).

So if you are on the fertility journey, it is good to know the thyroid and infertility symptoms. And to be aware that the thyroid and the ovaries are very connected. Known as 'sister organs', "immunologically they are like two sisters". Iva Keen MRMed. ND.

However, even if you have been tested for thyroid function and been given the 'all clear', it is important to be aware of subclinical hypothyroidism as many women fall into this category.

"Thyroid blood tests can actually be misleading in many cases. The most important one is that a person can actually be hypothyroid with the common thyroid blood tests being normal....

In my own clinical experience, both the rate of conception is improved and incidence of miscarriage is reduced when women with the typical symptoms of an under active thyroid gland, but have “normal” blood test results, are treated adequately with natural thyroid hormone supplementation".

Dr. Hugh D. Melnick, Medical Director of Advanced Fertility Services in New York City.

Thyroid Infertility Natural Treatments -
Flower Essences

Here in this video post,  I would like to hone in on a flower essence that is worth considering when it comes to thyroid infertility natural treatments.

My own journey with the feminine has led me to learn about flower essences. One flower essence that jumps out at me in terms of thyroid function is a Bush Flower Essence. It's an essence from Australia, and it's called Old Man Banksia.

The name Old Man Banksia was given to the tree by more recent settlers in Australia. But for the Aboriginals, it was linked to the feminine. I invite you to read the article above, and consider working with your health practitioner around finding out more about Old Man Banksia. And whether this is something that can support you on your fertility journey now. I would love to read your comments on this below.

Video - Thyroid Infertility Natural Treatments - Flower Essences

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