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thyroid and fertility

Thyroid and Fertility  

The thyroid and fertility are intimately connected. Part of the endocrine system, the thyroid is a small gland, shaped like a butterfly and located in the lower part of the neck. It plays a vital role in fertility as it produces hormones that regulate essential body functions and metabolic processes. Research published in 2015, for example, exploring the link between thyroid and fertility, recommended that thyroid testing be considered for women with fertility problems.

The thyroid can be underactive. This is referred to as hypothyroidism. And Hashimoto's autoimmune disease is a common cause of this. I have explored hashimoto's fertility diet in a previous post. The thyroid can also be overactive, otherwise known as hyperthyroidism. Both have implications for a woman's fertility. Whether you are exploring hyperthyroidism and infertility or wondering what the chances of getting pregnant with hypothyroidism are, I recommend you read this article as it has some great information. Below I explore a more feminine perspective on the bond between thyroid and fertility and share a short guided visualisation in the video.

Thyroid and Fertility After 40

I came across a statistic, that 40% of women over 40, in the Western world, are experiencing under-active thyroid. (This was given by my teacher on an on-line class I attended and I don't have the full reference). But it got me thinking (and feeling of course)!

It makes sense. The thyroid is associated with the throat chakra, the communication area. These statistics, in my view, are telling us about the expression of the feminine. They are pointing to the fact that huge numbers of women are experiencing a difficulty in expressing their feminine. Not surprising given that it has been perceived as totally inappropriate or irrelevant in our patriarchal world. Indeed for many women around the globe it has been and still is unsafe (mentally, emotionally and physically) to do that.

This idea is further supported when one looks at thyroid issues according to gender. Out of every 10 patients with thyroid issues, 7 to 8 are women. Or as Anita Soni, Ph.D. summarised:

"Thyroid disease is common among women. Women are at substantially greater risk for developing thyroid problems than men".

Thyroid and Fertility - Feminine Perspective

"Common among women". Sure it has been. A woman over 40 has lived four patriarchal decades in which she has been taught directly or indirectly, the following. It is not appropriate/ good/ safe/ of value to express feminine perspective, knowing and questioning. At 40 plus, she is just coming into her power as a woman and the incompatibility of living this falsehood shows up with this physical imbalance in the body.

For me, thyroid issues among women are a reflection of the deep wisdom of the feminine expressing herself in the best way she could in recent patriarchal times. But apparently it is not just the communication of the feminine that links the thyroid and fertility.

Dr. Christiane Northrup shares that thyroid issues are connected also to our relationship with time and a sense that time is running out. Or there is just not enough of time. Familiar feelings for women over 40 who are trying to have a baby.

To summarise, we can confidently conclude that the thyroid and fertility are linked. This connection may be even stronger in women over 40 who are planning to have a baby. So, after joining me in the thyroid visualisation in the video below, I invite you to consider getting your thyroid function checked. It may hold a feminine key to you flowering as a woman and mother now!

Video - Thyroid and Fertility: Feminine Visualisation

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