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TTC After 40 But My Body Letting Me Down

TTC After 40?   Are you ttc after 40? (That’s trying to conceive – just in case you are not familiar with the abbreviation). If so, you belong to the growing number of women trying to have a baby after 40. In the UK, for example, “The Office for National Statistic’s figures show that pregnancy rates […]

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Conceive Naturally At 48 – With Feminine Wisdom

Can You Conceive Naturally At 48?   Can you conceive naturally at 48 years? Sarah Briggs did. As did LaDonna Braun.  But let’s face it, even if more and more women are wondering how to get pregnant naturally at 50 years, for example, most fertility education paints a bleak outlook. In my view however, fertility education has […]

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