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Feeling Overwhelmed By Fertility

Feeling Overwhelmed By Fertility   Have you been feeling overwhelmed by fertility and the whole fertility journey? I know I did. And it’s understandable given how fragile one can find oneself when trying to get pregnant. The emotions of infertility can begin to feel overwhelming even if you haven’t been trying to conceive for years. And long […]

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Time Running Out To Have A Baby At 48?

Time Running Out To Have A Baby?   Do you feel time running out to have a baby? The image above captures well this idea that dominates fertility after 40. And burns away at the hope’s of women trying to get pregnant. We are all familiar with the fertility graphs that add fuel to the fire. […]

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Want A Baby at 50 Years Plus – Is This Selfish?

Want A Baby At 50 Years?   Is it ethical or selfish to want a baby at 50 years? As a woman I mean. Because the chances are that the response will be different if we are referring to a man who states “I want a baby at 50 years”.  ​A nice little patriarchal bias!But that […]

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