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Enhancing Egg Quality At 48 Plus

Enhancing Egg Quality At 48   Enhancing egg quality becomes a salient theme in fertility after 40. Hence numerous web pages helping women to improve the quality of eggs. With, for example, 10 steps to enhancing egg quality in 90 days. And supplements that can support you.The impetus for this post came about as I […]

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Infertility Is A Medical Issue – Or Is it?

Infertility Is A Medical Issue?   Infertility is a medical issue. Or is it? This audio and article came about as I was researching another article on coping with secondary infertility. While perusing through the Resolve website (national infertility association in the US), this definition of infertility jumped out at me: “Infertility is defined as […]

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Want A Baby So I’m Not Just The Girlfriend

Want A Baby So I’m Not Just The Girlfriend   The thought that ‘I want a baby so I’m not just the girlfriend’ is coming up more and more often. In fertility after 40 and beyond. Why? Well relationships are changing on the planet with the result that many people are meeting their partners much later […]

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Trying To Have A Baby – To Move In Same Direction As A Couple

Trying To Have A Baby   After a while, trying to have a baby may well begin to take on a sense of urgency. Especially if you are concerned about your biological clock after 40. There are plenty of articles out there on tips for trying to conceive, how to get pregnant fast and common baby-making […]

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Trying To Conceive For Years – Feminine Wisdom

Trying To Conceive For Years?    Have you been trying to conceive for years? Trying to have a baby for a year is one thing (and it is nice to know that 44% of women in this study conceived naturally after one year).But it’s a different ball-game when that’s been going on for years and you […]

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Fertility After 40 And Exercise – Feminine Wisdom

Fertility After 40 And Exercise   Have you been wondering about fertility after 40 and exercise? This message of encouragement for women over 40 trying to have a baby, was inspired by the following request: “Can you make a comment on fertility after 40 and exercise Deirdre?” Before diving into details, what I feel can serve […]

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