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Trying To Conceive For Years – Feminine Wisdom

Trying To Conceive For Years?    Have you been trying to conceive for years? Trying to have a baby for a year is one thing (and it is nice to know that 44% of women in this study conceived naturally after one year).But it’s a different ball-game when that’s been going on for years and you […]

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Eggs Running Out – Feminine Perspective

Eggs Running Out   ​Most women ​have been well “educated” about our eggs running out. Which means that, after 40, many of us believe that our eggs are dwindling rapildy, deteriorating at a faster pace and maybe even dead.  ​Just in case we should forget, we have very clear reminders – as in the first few […]

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Hashimoto’s Fertility Diet & Your Feminine Wisdom

Hashimoto’s Fertility Diet    Hashimoto’s fertility diet is something that more and more women over 40 explore as it most commonly diagnosed around this time. This video and article came about in repsonse to the following question: “I have Hashimoto’s. What foods will support my fertility?” As you are aware, I am not a nutritionist. However, […]

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