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Don’t Want Sex With My Husband After IVF

​Don’t Want Sex? ​Can you relate to the idea ‘I don’t want sex with my husband after IVF’? Or any part of the fertility journey​ – even if it didn’t include IVF? I can. ​​It’s a tough pill to swallow. Let’s face it, the chances are that you were probably already feeling disappointed in your female […]

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Fertility Heartbreak Every Month? 3 Tips

​Heartbroken?   ​Does your menstrual cycle trigger fertility heartbreak month after month? That probably depends on several factors. But if you fear that you are running out of time to have a baby, the signs and symptoms of menstruation ​do more than elicit fertility stress.  ​A cramping sensation or a glimpse of the​ red reminder […]

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Marriage Crisis After IVF – 3 Tips

​​Relationship In Trouble? Experiencing relationship or marriage crisis after IVF is a destination visited by many couples aching for a baby and it’s totally understandable because even without IVF the fertility journey can be​ fracturing.  ​On top of the regular fertility stress​ that needs to be dealt with, having to use technology to get pregnant ​can […]

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IVF Failed? – 3 Tips To Support You Now

​When IVF Doesn’t Work Out   ​If IVF failed and you are a woman, the probability is that you have processed that as “I failed”. Does that resonate? Because every women should be able to have a baby right? That is what we are designed for – or so we are taught.  In truth, many of […]

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So Much Work To Be A Mother? 3 Tips

​​So Much To Deal With     ​Are you finding that there is so much work to be a mother? ​Or feeling that you can’t have a baby no matter what you do. (By the way, these 3 tips will support you even if you already have a child and don’t ​really want a baby). ​It […]

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Fertility Over 50 – New Fertility Calculations?

The Future…   ​The number of women exploring fertility over 50 is on the rise and this trend is going to continue. So much so that we will chortle at the idea that it’s too old to have a baby at 50​. When I paint this picture, many assume that this scene will depend on […]

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