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Enhancing Fertility After Ectopic Pregnancy – Feminine Wisdom

Enhancing Fertility After Ectopic Pregnancy     Are you wondering about enhancing fertility after ectopic pregnancy? Ectopic pregnancy occurs when, instead of attaching to the lining of the uterus, the fertilised egg attaches elsewhere. Most commonly, in these situations, it implants in the fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancy may leave scar tissue or other complications. And […]

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Only One Fallopian Tube Left – Feminine Perspective

Only One Fallopian Tube   It is good to know that even if you have only one fallopian tube left you can get pregnant. You can have a baby. You can become a mother. This audio/article came about in response to Justine’s question and has value in it even if getting pregnant with one fallopian tube […]

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