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Fertility Control – How Much Do You Really Have?

​Fertility ​Control   ​When not trying to get pregnant, fertility control and birth control are often used interchangeably. But that is not the fertility control to which I refer here. ​This audio and article come about in response to a comment Annie made on a post in which I shared documented evidence of ovulation at 57. […]

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Creating New Eggs After 40 – Research

​Creating New Eggs After 40       ​We have been taught that creating new eggs is not possible after 40. Forget the ‘after 40’ bit actually. The download that women have received about our ​eggs, is that they:Are ​Limited – we are born with all we will ever have. ​​Are Decreasing in Value – […]

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Patriarchal Language Affects Fertility After 40

Patriarchal Language Affects Fertility   Have you noticed how patriarchal language affects fertility? Specifically, your fertility and experience of that? Most of the information that explores how patriarchy affects female fertility is published, it seems, in scholarly articles. Like this one exploring how women’s empowerment affects fertility choices like longer birth intervals.Or this one about assisted […]

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Fertility Intuition – Are You Ignoring Yours?

Fertility Intuition   Have you been listening to your fertility intuition? Or tending instead to ignore it? Because your openness to tuning-in will have an impact on your fertility journey. And on how gruelling or gentle that will be. Here, one woman shares how she drew on her fertility intuition. I was guided to explore this […]

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Enhancing Egg Quality At 48 Plus

Enhancing Egg Quality At 48   Enhancing egg quality becomes a salient theme in fertility after 40. Hence numerous web pages helping women to improve the quality of eggs. With, for example, 10 steps to enhancing egg quality in 90 days. And supplements that can support you.The impetus for this post came about as I […]

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Trying To Have A Baby – To Move In Same Direction As A Couple

Trying To Have A Baby   After a while, trying to have a baby may well begin to take on a sense of urgency. Especially if you are concerned about your biological clock after 40. There are plenty of articles out there on tips for trying to conceive, how to get pregnant fast and common baby-making […]

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