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Ovarian Function Returns

Ovarian Function Returns   Case study – ovarian function returns. Your ovaries are amazing. And if we are open to seeing them, ‘unusual’ cases often have gems of wisdom hidden within.Here is what is involved in evaluating ovarian function. And here is the article that inspired this post. Below is a summary: ​The article refers to […]

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Want A Baby So I’m Not Just The Girlfriend

Want A Baby So I’m Not Just The Girlfriend   The thought that ‘I want a baby so I’m not just the girlfriend’ is coming up more and more often. In fertility after 40 and beyond. Why? Well relationships are changing on the planet with the result that many people are meeting their partners much later […]

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Time Running Out To Have A Baby At 48?

Time Running Out To Have A Baby?   Do you feel time running out to have a baby? The image above captures well this idea that dominates fertility after 40. And burns away at the hope’s of women trying to get pregnant. We are all familiar with the fertility graphs that add fuel to the fire. […]

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How A Donor Egg Baby Feels – Not Knowing Biological Mother?

How A Donor Egg Baby Feels   The fertility after 40 journey often stirs debate around the ethics of donor eggs and, for example, how a donor egg baby feels. Unlike sperm donation it seems, donor eggs remain taboo in many quarters. The topic brings to the surface fears around donor eggs, which are often influenced […]

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Trying To Have A Baby – To Move In Same Direction As A Couple

Trying To Have A Baby   After a while, trying to have a baby may well begin to take on a sense of urgency. Especially if you are concerned about your biological clock after 40. There are plenty of articles out there on tips for trying to conceive, how to get pregnant fast and common baby-making […]

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Want To Have A Baby For Him – I’m 45

Want To Have A Baby For Him   So you want to have a baby for him? According to this research, baby fever is a real emotion and men get it too.  But are you sure that you want to have a baby for him? In another post, I explored whether having a baby at 45 […]

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