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Miscarriage Grief – Feminine Wisdom

​​​​​​Miscarriage Grief   ​​​​​​Miscarriage grief is something that so many of us carry. Alone. The emotions of infertility are difficult enough but miscarriage grief is a world unto itself. A silent, lonely ​world, very often, that seemingly doesn’t deserve the rituals or ceremonies that any other life in the community is granted.Because the meaning of […]

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Menopause And Sleep – Feminine Wisdom

​​Menopause And Sleep   ​Menopause and sleep changes very often share the same bed. Accompanied by disturbances in slumber for about 61% of menopausal women, many are struggling with the impact of sleep deficit during ‘the change’.​​The reasons why menopause and sleep disturbances occur, we are told, is due to hormonal alterations that happen in […]

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Fertility Restored – A Case Study

​Fertility Restored  ​Do you love to hear ‘fertility restored’ stories? I do! As a result, I have shared elsewhere examples such as ovarian function returns and premature ovarian failure pregnancy​.  ​This audio and article below explores another case of fertility restored which feels important to disect with you. It was inspired by an article by […]

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Coming To Terms With Infertility

​​Coming To Terms With Infertility   ​What about the process of coming to terms with infertility? Contrary to what you might have thought, coming to terms with infertility does not mean giving up your dreams. As I discovered. ​I have addressed more specific aspects of the journey of coming to terms with infertility in posts dealing […]

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Fertility In Patriarchy – Examples In Developed Countries

Female ​Fertility In Patriarchy    The experience of fertility in patriarchy is interesting and simple. Although the effect of patriarchy may be more obvious in developing countries, it greedily wraps itself around the collective female body. All over the planet. As women, we learn about our fertility, sexuality and existence through the eyes of the […]

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Aching For A Baby – Feminine Wisdom

​​Aching For A Baby       ​Can you resonate with the experience of aching for a baby? Is there a yearning for a child that feels painful in your body? If so, this audio and article below are important because you might be sabotaging your fertility. Allow me to explain. To put this in […]

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