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What To Do After Miscarriage – 3 Tips

​​What To Do After Miscarriage   What to do after miscarriage is not part of what we learn yet as women. Even when we need to know. Our male world – which decides on what knowledge is worth teaching – is afraid to go there because, apart from advice as to what to do after […]

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Miscarriage Grief – Feminine Wisdom

​​​​​​Miscarriage Grief   ​​​​​​Miscarriage grief is something that so many of us carry. Alone. The emotions of infertility are difficult enough but miscarriage grief is a world unto itself. A silent, lonely ​world, very often, that seemingly doesn’t deserve the rituals or ceremonies that any other life in the community is granted.Because the meaning of […]

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Meaning Of Miscarriage – Feminine Wisdom

Meaning Of Miscarriage   Have you been wondering about the meaning of miscarriage? I’m not referring here to a meaning of miscarriage you might find in a medical dictionary, a Cambridge glossary or the equivalent from Oxford. My question is this:   Would you love to discover a meaning of miscarriage that actually feels meaningful?  The Meaning […]

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