Sunlight and Fertility – Science & Feminine Perspective

sunlight and fertility

Sunlight And Fertility  

So what is the link between sunlight and fertility? Much of the research has focused in on vitamin D which your marvelous body manufactures when sunlight kisses your skin. Alternatively, vitamin D can be introduced to the body with supplements. Then it converts the vitamin D into the hormone calcitriol. And hormones have baby power!

The sun is good! And while there is argument about the levels of vitamin D to be taking, there is no debate as to whether or not sunlight contributes to optimum health. What about evidence specific to sunlight and fertility? Let's hone in here on female fertility...

Sunlight And Fertility -
The Evidence

Well, a 2012 review of the literature on vitamin D and fertility concluded that vitamin D is involved in female reproduction including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and the outcome of IVF (pregnancy rates).

While a more recent review reported that vitamin D status in women"has been associated with better IVF outcomes ... maintenance of ovarian reserve... And women with sufficient levels of vitamin D show higher implantation rates, higher rates of clinical pregnancy in IVF and ET cycles."....Kumari & Hadalagi (2015)
The Role Of Sunshine Vitamin D Sufficiency in Male and Female Infertility, International Journal of Reproduction, Contraception, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Any other clues? This research investigating the link between sunlight and ovarian cancer in women across 100 cities in the US, found that the areas recording lowest levels of sunlight had highest incidence of women dying from ovarian cancer. So adequate exposure to sunlight supports female reproductive health and vitality.

Sunlight And Fertility -
Feminine Wisdom

And I wondered, as I learned, that if through increased ovarian reserve, PCOS etc., the ovary has something to share about sunlight and fertility. About the relationship between the masculine and the feminine. 

Might her feminine wisdom, be reminding us that sunlight (which has represented the masculine) is fundamental for successful co-creation and life? That it is essential not just to receive sperm. But also the beautiful life-force of the masculine that nobly lights the world every single day.

And it pressed me to ponder on the FORM step of my Feminine Engagement Method™ that perhaps the collective Ovary would like to play with! Instead of the story of dominance and superiority that has represented the masculine in patriarchy, could she be calling forth a new creation story here?

One in which we tune into the essential presence of the masculine and appreciate the powerful life-force there. And from that space show up in a way that allows the feminine to thrive too....

Video- Sunlight And Fertility 

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