Sleep And Fertility – The Feminine Link

sleep and fertility

Sleep And Fertility   

The relationship between sleep and fertility has stories to tell. Very important ones in my view. Especially for women who are planning on having a baby after 40. For example, Pal et al (2008) found that sleep disturbance existed in 34% of women with infertility.

​They also observed that women with diminished ovarian reserve were 30 times more likely to experience disturbed sleep. So there is something going on with sleep and fertility...

Sleep and Fertility -
Patriarchal Approach

Interesting insight into the patriarchal perspective on the sleep and fertility connection is revealed in this valuable 2014 publication in the journal of Sleep Medicine Reviews:

The relationship between sleep and fertility is largely unknown. The paucity of research is  surprising, given that sleep is such a critical component to one’s physical and emotional health and well-being.....

...There are multiple instances whereby sleep quantity or quality, sleep deprivation, and/or disordered sleep, can exert an effect on a number of different hormones involved with reproduction. Given the synchrony of hormones needed for successful ovulation, conception, and implantation, it would follow that sleep continuity disturbance could play a significant role in interfering with the hormonal milieu necessary for reproduction.....

Traditional ways of thinking are that the endocrinology, mood dysregulation, and/or lifestyle changes that accompany reproductive transitions present a vulnerability to insomnia. It is posited here that the converse may also be true. Sleep continuity disturbance may influence fertility, and do so in one of the several ways..."

Kloss et al (2014)
Sleep, Sleep Disturbances and Fertility In Women

So while the sleep and fertility connection has been studied, it has been assumed that factors associated with infertility have led to sleep disturbances. That sleep itself might be affecting fertility hasn't, it seems, received so much attention.

Sleep and Fertility -
Feminine Perspective

For me, this research bias (lack of research alongside the assumed direction of the link between sleep and infertility), coupled with the fact that so many of us are not getting enough sleep, is a function of the patriarchal download. Which has taught us that all things feminine (the internal world, the apparently 'non-producing' world) have little or no value.

Apart from the indisputable contribution of the egg and womb, our patriarchal world has pretty much eliminated the feminine from the co-creative process. And this is reflected in the story of sleep and fertility.

Clinical psychologist Janet Kennedy, Ph.D. is quoted on the sleep matter  as follows: "The biggest culprit is really just that people don't value sleep.

 People are proud of having an 'I'll sleep when I'm dead' philosophy, but sleep allows you to be productive and healthy in the long-run."

People don't value sleep. People don't value the feminine. So instead of listening to our feminine wisdom and how we feel (tired for example), we have been giving our 'all' to the masculine. Trying to be more productive and achieve more. In the process we have disconnected from our feminine power and denied the true value of the feminine and how she shows up in fertility.

When one understands that sleep is associated with our feminine nature, it is not surprising to learn that sleep issues effect women more.

And research has demonstrated that women actually need more sleep than men.

Sleep is an essential component of health and well-being in terms of the opportunity it provides your body to recreate, replenish and renew. It is essential also, in my view, for women on the fertility journey because when you are sleeping you take a Retreat from Patriarchy™. And can tap into your true feminine wisdom and creative power - a core ingredient in baby making.

This may happen in the form of dreams, intuitions, insights, fresh ideas and other types of  gorgeous dialogue with your feminine - even when you are not consciously aware of it. And if you don't appear to dream, there are still important connections taking place with your Creative Feminine™  - that are necessary for you to show up in your wholeness as a healthy woman and mother.

Sleep and Fertility -
Supporting Your Feminine

So are you really getting enough sleep? Do you wake up refreshed? Dr. Deborah A. Metzger, reproductive endocrinologist, recommends that women sleep 8 to 9 hours ​ each night in order to enhance fertility. Could you allow yourself to do that?

​In the past, I didn't prioritise sleep either. But I decided to stop giving power to patriarchy in this regard and made wonderful changes in my relationship with slumberland. (Check out my post on menopause and sleep for my personal experience). 

Sleep matters deeply. I invite you to practice claiming what your fertile feminine really needs now in terms of sleep. Commit to sleeping that extra half hour a night, for example, for at least a week or two with the intention of establishing a new feminine habit that supports your fertility. And share with us below what begins to shift when you put your feminine first in this way.

Video - Sleep and Fertility

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