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should I tell others I used donor eggs

Should I Tell Others I Used Donor Eggs?  

How would you answer this "Should I tell others I used donor eggs"? It's not so straight forward. There are many factors to consider. With regard to external resources, you can find the pros and cons of sharing about donor eggs with your social circle here

And this article sheds light on why some people want to disclose about donor eggs while others do not. I would like to respond to this question I received from Vee while drawing on additional feminine wisdom.

I'm considering donor eggs, but should I share that with my social circle? I don't want that everybody knows personal information about the child before the child knows him- or herself.

Should I Tell Others I Used Donor Eggs?  -
Feminine Wisdom Part 1 & 2

Feminine Wisdom Part 1 - Should I tell others I used donor eggs? I would like to respond to this in 3 ways Vee. While I did not use donor eggs myself, the issue of giving myself permission to be private was a very important part of my own fertility journey. Because of the patriarchal consensus around what a good person/friend/daughter is, we often feel a pressure to disclose when that just doesn't feel right.

But when we are Engaging the Feminine™, we understand that part of the creative process is very much internal. And that it requires a safe, private space. So if it feels better for you not to share Vee, I would absolutely go with that. Being aware that this can change over time....and that this is perfect also. I would be inviting you to feel what is right for you in the situation. And absolutely give yourself permission not to share, if that's what feels right for you now.

Feminine Wisdom Part 2 - Should I Tell Others I Used Donor Eggs? In the motherhood journey we are often invited to let go of some of the relationships that have been a very big part of our lives. And to make room for others that can really support us as women and mothers. Relationships that can actually help us to create the experience of motherhood, childhood and family that we would love for ourselves and our children. Give yourself permission to step back from some relationships. Because if it does not feel good to share this sacred information, it is possible that this particular relationship isn't able to provide the space you need now to step into motherhood. Allow yourself to play around with this possibility and consider if it might be relevant in your situation.

Should I Tell Others I Used Donor Eggs?  -
Feminine Wisdom Part 3

Feminine Wisdom Part 3 - Should I Tell Others I Used Donor Eggs?  I would be inviting you to intend to engage your feminine wisdom even more around the issue of "should I tell others I used donor eggs?". In particular with the FORM step of my Feminine Engagement Method™. In the Form step, we deliberately create a story that is not limited to a patriarchal interpretation of events.

My sense is that you are wanting to create a new story here Vee.  A creation story for your child that is truly beautiful. One that honours you, your child and the woman who would donate eggs. (And the man who would donate sperm if that is relevant). I'm inviting you to form the narrative that you are co-creating a beautiful love story around your baby. A donor egg child experience that feels magical. One in which you are surrounded by the love and support you need to thrive as a woman and a mother.

So when one day you are telling your child about his or her beautiful origins, that the language of love dances rights through the story. And nourishes you both in lovely ways.

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