Reduce Fertility Stress & Have A Baby After 44

reduce fertility stress

Reduce Fertility Stress  

You know intuitively that it would be beneficial to reduce fertility stress. It makes sense that your body might be more open to having a baby when you are feeling good. But do the numbers support that? Below is a quote from an article on stress and infertility research which may motivate you to explore further how to reduce fertility stress.

The researchers found that women who scored highest... levels of stress...had ovulated 20% fewer eggs compared with women who were less stressed. Moreover, of those who were able to produce eggs, those who were most stressed were 20% less likely to achieve fertilization success."

Colette Bouchez
WEBMD, 2005

Reduce Fertility Stress After 44

When I receive the question "how can I manage my stress levels to support my fertility at 44?", what comes for me is that you are saying that you're stressed. There are things in your life that are stressful. And while I can share with you ways in which you can manage stress, which would be a patriarchal approach. There's a problem, we'll solve it. I am inviting you to engage your feminine wisdom here first and listen to what is really going on for you.

What I'm hearing is that there is something deeper afoot. Something else that wants to be birthed to help you move into motherhood. So before you try to manage it, the first step, in my view, is to examine your life and identify from where the stress is coming.  A lot of the stress that women experience stems from a commitment to certain ideas like "I have to do this" or "I should do that".

These "shoulds" have emerged from what patriarchy has decided around what constitutes a "good" wife/partner/ woman/ daughter/ sister.  As a result, you can find yourself juggling a million things trying to live up to patriarchal expectations. While also trying to get pregnant

Reduce Fertility Stress - Feminine Wisdom

And though you might well be able to "manage" these things with breathing and meditation etc. And I totally recommend them. It is important to remember that your feminine wisdom is guiding you here towards great joy as a woman and a mother. For me, something much more significant wants to be born other than stress management. The story that is causing these stresses in the first place is asking to transform.

As you step into motherhood, you are being invited to let go of the ideas/habits in your life that are causing you stress. You are being invited to give yourself permission to think new thoughts around yourself as a woman. Thoughts that will reduce fertility stress and help you to be the kind of mother you would love to be. For example:

  • ​I can release old ideas of how I should be
  • Even if I don't do this, I'm still a good partner/wife
  • I can say "no" to what drains me
  • Even if care for myself, I'm still a good friend.
  • I can allow others to take responsibility for themselves

How to reduce stress when trying to conceive after 44 years? You are being asked now to look deeper. It's not about managing fertility stress. Your feminine wisdom is guiding you to release yourself from stress by transforming the patriarchal stories that are causing it. You are being invited now to redirect your energy away from what depletes you (because that is using up your fertile energy).

And to redirect your resources into what nourishes and sustains you. So that you can show up in your full creative power. And be the woman and the mother you are born to be! Please share with us below what has been depleting you most and where you intend to invest your creative energy instead.

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