Preventing Chromosomal Abnormalities In Pregnancy Over 40

Preventing Chromosomal Abnormalities

Preventing Chromosomal Abnormalities   

Have you been wondering about preventing chromosomal abnormalities? It can be a source of concern - especially for women trying to have a baby after 45. I will link to a few external sources around this first before exploring the topic below from a more feminine perspective.

So here's how chromosomal abnormalities happen. While this link identifies some different chromosomal abnormalities and tests you can have to screen for them.

Some chromosomal disorders can be prevented and maternal folic acid supplementation has been found to reduce, for example, neural tube and congenital heart defects. There is also evidence of a connection between folate and chromosomal abnormalities in the sperm.

Preventing Chromosomal Abnormalities -
New Technologies

I have addressed the issue of chromosomal abnormalities at 44 in a previous post and I recommend you watch that video along with exploring this post called 'Afraid Baby Will Have Autism'.

This audio and text below, on preventing chromosomal abnormalities, was inspired by a very interesting article by Ellie Kincaid in which she shared technologies that could make it possible for women to have babies at any age!

One of the technologies she referred to deals with the editing of human embryos. Because at the moment, the eggs of older women are more likely to show up with chromosomal abnormalities.

So, it looks like we will actually be able to edit the genes of human embryos and apparently this is already happening in China.

Preventing Chromosomal Abnormalities -
Patriarchal Influences?

What came up for my feminine wisdom when I read this was the following:

In patriarchy so much of the feminine has been edited out. Edited out of our understanding of fertility and the creative process.

And edited out of the systems and structures that are perceived as valuable. The ones that have had the power to decide what is important and true.

Preventing Chromosomal Abnormalities -
Feminine Wondering

​My feminine wisdom couldn't help but wonder what it will be like when we're actually Engaging the Feminine™ again in the story of female fertility - especially fertility after 40.

How will the chromosomes of women over 40, 50 show up when we have freed ourselves from the patriarchal biases around 'woman' and her fertility? When we are actually taking into consideration the unique contribution of the feminine in fertility and baby making? When we are giving her a place to participate in a woman's journey and encouraging the expression of the feminine?

Even if there appears to be no wisdom within that expression (as patriarchy is wont to assume). My question is: will there be a need for these chromosomal abnormalities to show up? Will there be a need for this editing?

Preventing Chromosomal Abnormalities -
Feminine Wisdom

So these are ideas that I am playing with and inviting you to play with too, if that feels good for you. Of course, in our patriarchal model this kind of frolicking with the imagination is absolutely irrelevant and wasteful.

But when you are engaging your feminine wisdom, you understand that there is huge value in allowing yourself to entertain viewpoints that feel good. Especially ones that open up you up to new possibilities and help you to connect with your creativity in a new way. So if they feels good dance with them.

I hope you found value in this and would love to hear your comments below. In the meantime, I am looking forward to the day when the feminine has taken her place again in the story of fertility and the co-creative process. And it is normal for women over 40, 50 and well, well beyond to have babies with fabulously healthy chromosomes!

Audio - Preventing Chromosomal Abnormalities