Preparing For Embryo Transfer At 45 Plus

preparing for embryo transfer

Preparing For Embryo Transfer  

Are you preparing for embryo transfer on your motherhood journey? If so, you are not alone. This audio and article were inspired by the following question I received from Anna.

"How do I best prepare myself, Deirdre,
for the embryo transfer next month?"

But before I share how I am guided to respond to this great question, I will link to a couple of external pages that may be of value to you. For example, this article explains the procedure of embryo transfer and what you can expect. While at this link you will find what some women have done to support themselves prior to and during embryo transfer. So back to you Anna....

Preparing For Embryo Transfer After 45

You shared more of your story with me than just the above. And since the transfer is just next month, I'm inviting you into that space of feeling that you have prepared. And to consider, Anna, that these past years and decades - directly or indirectly- you have been preparing beautifully for this.

Decide that your preparation has been good preparation. And that all the twists and turns you have had to navigate through have prepared you very well indeed. How would that feel? What would your fertility intuition say to you about that?

Preparing For Embryo Transfer -
Feminine Wisdom

Because when you are engaging your feminine wisdom in this co-creation, you understand that how you feel really, really matters. So, here is the next feminine step for you:

Treat yourself as you would love your beautiful embryo to feel during and after the transfer. For example, be aware of the environments in which you feel comfortable, welcome, supported and safe.

And the people with whom you feel that. Along with the places in your life and home that elicit those feelings. With the intention of spending more time in those kinds of situations and that kind of company now. (I recommend that you read this previous post explaining how to leverage the creative power of your feminine sensuality as my suggestions will make more sense then).

Preparing For Embryo Transfer -
Engaging The Feminine®

For example, if you love sitting on your sofa with a warm quilt around you, do that more. Tuning into how that comfort and safety embrace you. While imagining and intending that this is how your beautiful embryo is going to feel in your gorgeous body.

Be conscious about spending more time with the people you feel best with. If that is difficult to organise, bring to mind some of the happy, fun times you have shared. And write them in your journal - while intending that joy like this will be swirling in beautiful waves through your womb, through your motherhood and through your life together. 

If there are venues such as parks or beaches - that activate in you a sense of connection to life - then pay them a visit. Or curl up with the poems, books and art that trigger in you a sense of curiosity and appreciation about the world.

Preparing For Embryo Transfer -
Mothering Your Baby!

Now is the time to engage your feminine wisdom in a special way. And prioritise:

  • Feeling comfortable in your surroundings and company
  • Taking the time to be exactly where you are
  • Feeling excited about life, creativity, new life and your new family

As you do that, be aware that this is what you are modeling to your child - the importance of finding a comfortable place (in your womb and in this life). One in which he/she can thrive. You are teaching that there is time to absorb and swim in what is most nourishing and joyful. And that she/he deserves this.

In addition, you are giving permission to live each precious moment. While reminding your baby that a lovely adventure awaits - one that is so worth living. An adventure for which you are perfectly prepared now!

Audio - Preparing For Embryo Transfer

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