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Possible To Get Pregnant at 48

Possible To Get Pregnant At 48?  

Is it really possible to get pregnant at 48? In my research for this article, I observed that many authors on this topic seem to feel obliged to focus on the risks of getting pregnant at 48. So no need for me to follow suit there. 

While this article even appeared to imply that perimenopause begins at 40. Causing, perhaps, women a lot younger than 48 to doubt their fertility.

But I would like to address the question 'is it possible to get pregnant at 48?" while engaging feminine wisdom. This video and article below were inspired by the following question I received:

"Is it possible for a woman of 48 to become pregnant Deirdre ?"

Possible To Get Pregnant At 48 -
For Me?

The short answer to that is "yes". I have seen it in my own work and we have evidence of that from many, many women around the world.

But for me, the most important part of your question - when it comes to assessing whether or not it is possible to get pregnant at 48 - is you. Because you are not really asking about what is possible for a woman over 48. What you are seeking to discern, I suspect, is "is it possible for me to have a baby at 48?"

And in order to respond to that question in a way that can actually serve you, I would be asking you:

  • What are you intending?
  • What are you feeling?
  • What do you really, really want?
  • Are you seeking a glimmer of hope in a desert of doubt?
  • Or, are you asking from a place of confidence in your imminent motherhood?

What I'm saying here is that the way you are showing up in this inquiry matters. What you are feeling and believing around this is of huge importance. Where your attention goes when you reflect on it and whether or not you are engaging your feminine wisdom in your fertility journey....will have an impact.

Possible To Get Pregnant At 48 -
Patriarchal Perspective

If you are probing here while depending solely on the current paradigm. The patriarchal understanding of fertility, the feminine and the creative process. Then it is likely that you have been thinking along the following lines: 

  • It's not very likely
  • Even with IVF

Because the patriarchal model is plugged into what is 'normal' for the majority of women. And focuses primarily on the physical variables such as age, egg quality, hormone levels etc. All of which are super important.

But this approach overlooks completely many core aspects of the feminine contribution to the creative process. Including a woman's intentions, motivations, expectations, fears and how she truly feels about her fertility and motherhood.

Possible To Get Pregnant At 48 -
Your Feminine Contribution

I have explored other aspects of this in previous posts including getting your period when trying to conceive at 48 and conceive naturally at 48. And I invite you to check both of those out.

But with regard to the discussion underway here, when you are Engaging The Feminine™ on your fertility journey, instead of asking "is it possible to get pregnant at 48", you might find yourself singing something along the following lines:

"Yes, I know that it is possible to get pregnant at 48. And I am going to be alert now to engaging my feminine wisdom also... in every step.

So I can discern for myself which doors to open and which to close. And can show up in my fertility journey (which will be very personal to me), in a way that allows me to create the life that I really want. And flower as a woman and a mother now."

Can you feel the creative power in that kind of dialogue? Or sense how self-talk of this nature could support your fertility?

Possible To Get Pregnant At 48 -
The Feminine Future!

So my answer to your question is "Yes, yes, yes". And, I invite you to intend to engage your feminine wisdom from now on.

In the future, we will be asking this question of women in their 60s and 70s and 80s, and I'm looking forward to that. This is where we are now. But not for very long more!

There is a huge shift in consciousness taking place. You are part of that. Your question is part of that. As is your whole fertility journey. Thank you for your contribution to our beautiful community and co-creating with us a much deeper understanding of female fertility on the planet.

Video - Possible To Get Pregnant At 48?  

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