Positive Fertility Mantras And Visualisation – 48 Years

positive fertility mantras

Positive Fertility Mantras at 48 Years   

Positive fertility mantras or positive thinking for fertility, if done correctly, can help for sure. Many people have created mantras for infertility and fertility affirmations to support women on the fertility journey and have contributed a lot.

As we take the next steps forward in fertility evolution, the way in which we affirm fertility and visualise will change so that this process can be much more powerful. For me, it is clear that our use of positive fertility mantras and fertility visualisations, if any, has emerged within a patriarchal mindset.

In this audio, which came about in response to the question below, I introduce aspects of feminine wisdom in my positive fertility mantras so that they can support you further now.

I'm forty-eight and my tubes are blocked. My doctor is very impressed with my FSH levels and the fact that I'm having normal periods every twenty-eight days and ovulate around day eleven. Please let me know what I can do to conceive naturally."

Mindie, 48
Very impressive fertility indicators!

Positive Fertility Mantras -
With Feminine Focus

I'd like to respond to this question in two different ways. Firstly, by bringing your attention to one step of my Feminine Engagement Method™. That step is Focus. Specifically, I would like to draw your feminine focus into the part of your story that goes:

"My doctor is very impressed....." What I would like to invite you to do here Mindie, is to stay in that. Maintain your fabulous feminine focus here in this beautiful part of this story. That your doctor is very impressed with all of this evidence of your fertility.

In the audio below, I have demonstrated in detail how to do this. How to engage your feminine wisdom and turn this experience into powerfully positive fertility mantras and beautiful fertility visualisations of your motherhood!

I Recommend You Listen to the
Positive Fertility Mantras Below

The real value of this post in contained within the audio in which I also share a blocked tubes visualisation that will serve you now. It will support your fertility even if blocked tubes is not an issue for you. I invite you to play the audio all the way through and allow the positive fertility mantras and fertility visualisations to embrace you fully as a woman and a mother!

Also, since we are on this topic and because I am getting very excited about it, I wanted to share that I am working on a feminine fertility affirmation experience that I think you will love!! That will be ready in the new year. So keep an eye out for details!

In the meantime, enjoy the positive fertility mantras and share with us below how you found them!

Audio - Positive Fertility Mantras and Visualiations!

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