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painful sex when trying to get pregnant

Painful Sex When Trying To Get Pregnant 

Painful sex when trying to get pregnant adds yet another dimension of discomfort that some woman have to deal with on the fertility journey. Its meant to be enjoyable, so when sex hurts instead of interpreting that as more proof of your inadequacy, get it checked out. Because there may be a medical reason for it. 

This link explores the symptoms of painful intercourse and the details about them that would help to make an accurate diagnosis. While in the audio and article below, I share some feminine wisdom on the issue of painful sex when trying to get pregnant. With the intention of supporting you in fertility and beyond!

Painful Sex When Trying To Get Pregnant -
Patriarchal  Ideas

This audio/article was inspired by a conversation I enjoyed with one of the beautiful woman in our tribe. She shared with me that she had been finding sex very painful.

What came up for me is that, in patriarchy, male sexuality (or what we have been taught about it) has shaped our understanding of what is normal and natural in sex and intimacy. Although not necessarily said aloud, there is a sense that one of the 'duties and roles' of woman has been to provide sexual satisfaction.

As a result, lurking in the background of many male-female relationships, there is often this patriarchal notion - "If I don't provide it, I might lose the man." So when it is painful, frequently women are having sex because they feel they should. Even when it is not authentic for them in that moment.

Painful Sex When Trying To Get Pregnant -
Feminine Wisdom

What I would like to just draw your attention to is that your body is very wise. Your female body especially so on these matters. And if you are experiencing painful sex when trying to get pregnant, there is something going on.

At the very least, your feminine wisdom is asking you to explore it. And not only from a medical perspective. It is easy to skirt around in shallow waters as we have been trained to do in patriarchy. And investigate only the physical piece. But your feminine wisdom is calling you to explore this at a deeper level also.

In the matter of painful sex when trying to get pregnant, below are some of the thoughts that often come up for a woman with this issue:

  • There is something wrong with me as a woman
  • I must have sex anyway (to have a baby)
  • It's not fair on my partner if I don't have sex
  • If this continues I could lose my man

I'm inviting you into another space here. There's deep feminine wisdom that wants to be communicated and I'm inviting you to take the time to listen.

Painful Sex When Trying To Have A Baby -
Relationship Beyond Patriarchy

The reality is that some of us are in relationships that are not working for us. Or we are showing up in relationship in a way that isn't working for us. Or the relationship.

If your beautiful feminine body is communicating pain, there's deep wisdom there wanting to be heard. I invite you to just open up to hearing that and showing up with it in a way that can support you now. The following questions will help to shed some feminine light on the deeper reason for painful sex. Give yourself time to answer them deeply and honestly.

  • What/who am I letting into my life that doesn't feel good for my delicate feminine?
  • What needs to change in my life before I can truly open up to getting pregnant?
  • What needs to happen in my relationship so I can open fully to this man?

Are you being called, perhaps, into a new conversation with your partner? One that gives you space to really listen to your feminine wisdom? A conversation that sounds like this, for example:

"Even if this sounds strange, I feel that my body needs 'me time' right now. I'm sensing that I need to sort out some things first before I can truly open up to having our baby.

I would like to take a break from sex for three months (for example) just to see what happens. And I would really appreciate your understanding around that. I would find that very, very supportive".

Painful Sex When Trying To Have A Baby -
Your Feminine Truth

What comes up when I share this idea about considering that kind of dialogue? Is it something that you could entertain and easily discuss with your partner? Or is this something that would not be okay for you to express in your relationship?

Because if the latter is the case, your feminine wisdom is wanting you to realize this. And decide if that is truly what you want as a woman and a mother. She may be inviting you to show up this relationship in a way that allows you to create that space. Or else, she could be asking you to consider honestly, "is this person really right for me?'. You don't need to know the answers right now. They will come. And the options I share above are only possibilities....

What is important here is that you allow yourself to question. To explore. And to reflect. And that you show up with this feminine pain in a way that acknowledges that there is wisdom there. Even if we have been taught the opposite. This will begin the journey of engaging your feminine wisdom in a way that will help you to flower as a woman and mother now!

Audio - Painful Sex When Trying To Get Pregnant

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