Ovulation Visualisation Audio – Feminine Wisdom For Healthy Ovulation

Ovulation Visualisation

Ovulation Visualisation  

This ovulation visualisation audio was born as a result of a request from Brid for help to envisage pearl eggs! You can listen to it below by scrolling down the page. I hope you find it very valuable.

In my research to prepare the post I came across a lovely ovulation video from the Mayo Clinic which I recommend for anybody interested in ovulation visualisation. The first 1 minute and 9 seconds focuses on ovulation after which the video continues into menstruation. For me, it has a lovely feminine feel to it and can certainly enhance your pregnancy visualisation techniques.

Ovulation Visualisation -
Feminine Wisdom

The patriarchal model has concentrated on the more obvious pieces of pregnancy success. Like sperm and eggs and helping them to unite in the optimum way. And countless men, women and children have benefited enormously from this.

But this approach alone can feel sterile and impersonal. Especially for women who are trying to have a baby after 40 and 50. And practicing fertility visualisations is a lovely way to engage your feminine wisdom along the journey. (That is why I am working on a lovely visualistion product for you!).

Visualisation can be a very empowering pactice for a woman because it allows her to participate in a powerful and meaningful way in her fertility journey. Beyond the physical piece of egg and womb. In a way that helps her leverage other aspects of the feminine to support her creative process. (For those interested, this article shares more on the research findings around visualisation).

After 40, the fertility journey for a woman can feel cold and clinical. Fertility visualisations help a woman to engage her feminine wisdom and access her true creative power!

Fertility Visualisation Examples

This is a  purifying visualisation (in text) that you might find useful. Not an ovulation visualisation or pregnancy visualisation script specifically. But it can be valuable if you are finding yourself anxious around ovulation. Or any stage of the fertility journey.

While, this article shares one woman's experience of using visualisation to support her ovulation. She focused initially on follicle developent and I thought it might give you ideas to ripple around with. Below you will find my ovulation visualistion audio in which I play with words in a way that can support your healthy ovulation now. I would love to hear your experience with this. Enjoy!

Ovulation Visualisation Audio

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