Ovarian Function Returns

ovarian function returns

Ovarian Function Returns  

Case study - ovarian function returns. Your ovaries are amazing. And if we are open to seeing them, 'unusual' cases often have gems of wisdom hidden within.

Here is what is involved in evaluating ovarian function. And here is the article that inspired this post. Below is a summary:

The article refers to a woman with a history of chemotherapy-induced ovarian failure. As a teenager she was diagnosed with leukaemia and went through a regime of chemotherapy. She also had a bone marrow transplant. At 15 she was diagnosed with chemotherapy-induced ovarian failure. The authors confirmed that this woman regained normal ovulatory function two decades later.

Ovarian Function Returns -
Indefinite Potential?

Although this phenomenon of ovarian function returning is well-reported in the literature, menses usually resumes one to four years following the cessation of chemotherapy. The longest case previously reported had been 14 years. But this is the part of the article that I would like to draw your attention to:

"it is entirely unclear why and how she regained normal ovulatory function so many years after her initial treatment.......This case demonstrates that indefinite potential for the return of ovarian function may exist..."

Megin Longway & Catherine Matthews (2009)

Because for me feminine wisdom is raising its hand here.

Ovarian Function Returns -
Feminine Embrace

It's showing up in the resumption of ovarian function after what probably seems like a patriarchal eternity. And also in the positive language these researchers use in relation to the ovaries. Along with the feminine comfort the authors have around 'not knowing' the answer. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the authors themselves have ovaries.

This is in stark contrast with the language I explored in this post on ovulation after menopause which communicated a very different idea of the ovaries and what they are capable of. In patriarchy, we have been very quick to reduce the contribution of the feminine to the bare minimum. Credit her with as little as possible. And cultivate her into accepting a bleak future.

One of the reasons that this case study is so important in my view, is that it models a language and attitude that embraces the ovaries. One that is Engaging the Feminine®. It's open and curious, full of possibilities and speaks of "indefinite potential". And I am inviting you to inhale that "indefinite potential" into your ovaries and fertility now. And notice how that feels for you.

Ovarian Function Returns -
Feminine Future

In the future, we will see the phrases 'indefinite potential' coupled with 'fertility after 50' and think nothing of it. Right now we are incubating this fertile reality together.

We can facilitate this gestation by intending that the language in that article becomes the norm around female fertility. By celebrating it when we see it and by teaching others just how important it is to us as women, as consumers and clients.

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