Only One Fallopian Tube Left – Feminine Perspective

only one fallopian tube

Only One Fallopian Tube  

It is good to know that even if you have only one fallopian tube left you can get pregnant. You can have a baby. You can become a mother. This audio/article came about in response to Justine's question and has value in it even if getting pregnant with one fallopian tube is not relevant to your fertility journey. Here is what she shared:

I have only one fallopian tube left. This one fallopian tube is blocked. What can I do?

The detail to which I would like to respond in this post is the following: "I only have one fallopian tube." Here's what comes up for me Justine.

Who says?

Yes, in our patriarchal world it is probably absolutely true that you have only one fallopian tube. I suppose when you look at scans or look at your medical history, that's what you will see (only one fallopian tube). And that is what all and sundry would see. Evidence that there is only one fallopian tube there.

Only One Fallopian Tube -
Feminine Perspective

I'm inviting you to begin Engaging the Feminine™ on this, Justine. Open up to the possibility that you still have two tubes. Two beautiful fallopian tubes! While the second one isn't so obvious. Or obvious at all on a purely physical level. The presence, the vibration, the energy and the wisdom of that tube is there nonetheless. I'm inviting you to sit with that perspective.

It reminds me in a way of losing a loved one. That person is gone. Their physical presence is nowhere to be seen. But there is a part of you that can connect with their presence now. My grandfather comes to mind for example.

While he has not been here, in the physical for many years, I really can feel his presence. His guidance, his love, his nurturing. His contribution supporting me to create the life I want. I'm inviting you to entertain that idea here with your beautiful fallopian tube. Allow the life, the life force and the wisdom of your fallopian tube to continue to support you. To be there. Even if this sounds totally ridiculous from a patriarchal perspective. And see how that feels.

Audio - Only One Fallopian Tube

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