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One Ovary Left at 50

One Ovary Left At 50  

Might you have just one ovary left at 50 and still want a baby? Of course! This audio was inspired by one such free thinker who shared her intentions here a while back.

But she is not alone. And nor is she the first woman of 50 in our tribe - with one ovary - planning to have a baby.

Perhaps it is useful, then, to explore first what it means to have one ovary when trying to get pregnant (independent of age). Before drawing on feminine wisdom in this discussion.

Here is what I found in my research: If the remaining ovary is functioning and baseline hormone levels are good, there is a very good chance pregnancy can happen.

"Getting pregnant with one ovary is not only possible, but usually no more difficult than with two ovaries....

Ordinarily...the ovaries take turns...releasing an egg... If a woman is missing one of her ovaries, the remaining ovary will continue to ovulate each month, making pregnancy possible."
Dr. Amos Grunenbaum, Ob-Gyn

What can make conceiving with one ovary more difficult though, is if the adjacent fallopian tube is not functioning. So its pretty good news overall.

One Ovary Left At 50 -
Feeling Your Truth

Be that as it may, what interests me most here is how you feel about having one ovary left at 50. As this is an indicator of how aligned you are with your feminine wisdom around it. Of course you could be in a place of huge gratitude that your remaining ovary is vital and well.

But it's possible that you are more aware of feeling loss around having 'just' one ovary left at 50. Thinking about it might impress upon you, for example, the idea of lack in your fertility. Or a sense of brokenness within your reproductive system. 

Alternatively, the circumstances around having one ovary left may still be causing you distress. (See this previous post 'Angry With Doctor for Removing My Ovary'). Keeping you plugged into a 'fertility victim' consciousness.

One Ovary Left At 50 -
Feminine Presence

So how can you engage your feminine wisdom here? So that you can feel like you are in your full creative power. With one ovary.

Let's draw upon Step 1 of my Feminine Engagement Method®. Which is to FORM a new story around this that feels better to you. And it doesn't have to be limited to a patriarchal interpretation of what is true or plausible.

Specifically, you can start telling yourself the story that - even if one ovary is not there physically - the wisdom of that ovary remains. And is very much present in you as a woman. And in your fertility.

In making that shift, you move from a sense of something being missing in your fertility. To the idea that something good and powerful is still present. (If you are in doubt about the power of your ovaries, I recommend you read this post on 'Enhancing Egg Quality at 48'.

When you are imaging your ovaries you can - in your mind's eye - still see two in your body. Supporting your fertility. And perhaps, because the second one is not limited to the physical expression, it can show up for you in ways that seem to be beyond what the physically version can do! Like pouring it's creative power into your remaining ovary, so that your eggs can be even more vibrant and healthy!

One Ovary Left At 50 -
Your Feminine Wisdom

How does that train of thought feel? Because if it is even a tiny bit more joyful for you, that is feminine wisdom guiding you into playing more with these kinds of ideas (about your ovaries).

The contribution of the feminine to the co-creative process is different to that of the masculine. Which is more tied into what is happening on the physical level and the action required to achieve something.

Our current understanding of female fertility focuses on a male interpretation of how that works. And does not include the essential contribution of the feminine outside the obvious (egg/womb etc).

Could it be that your feminine wisdom is wanting you to step back from a reliance on what's happening (or has happened) at the physical level? And to really start feeling the powerful, non-visible contribution of your creative feminine power supporting your fertility now!

Audio - One Ovary Left At 50  

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