On Your Feminine Path? 3 Ways To Tell

feminine path

​Are You On Your Feminine Path? 

​In this video I share with you 3 ways that you can tell if you are on your feminine path. Why? Because we have been taught that the 'path' of a woman is to ​find a man, get married (or some version of that), settle down together (house, mortgage etc.) and have children.

​Although this has expanded in many parts of the world to include ​receiving an education and​ establishing a career, women are twice as a likely to be on anti-depressants and 80% more likely to end up in poverty than men. Why? Because that path ​is designed to keep the patriarchal (male) powers-that-be in place. ​ 

Sure, finding a mate, furthering your education and having children might be authentic experiences on your feminine path too. But they are not the path itself - not your raison d'être. And you need to be on your own path if you want to be in your full creative power. ​

Your feminine path is​ about ​​what will bring deep meaning to your life.

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