Need To Know I Tried Everything To Get Pregnant At 50

tried everything to get pregnant at 50

Need To Know I Tried Everything
To Get Pregnant At 50  

Has needing to know "I tried everything to get pregnant at 50" come up on your fertility journey? It's a growing issue as the numbers of women getting pregnant after 50 in on an upward spiral.

To put that in context, based on 2013 fertility statistics - if we average out the numbers over a year - almost two babies are born each day to women over 50 in the US alone. Worth pondering on me thinks!

This audio/article below was inspired by a message from one of the beautiful women in our tribe.

She is 50 years young, going for donor eggs, and shared  "I'll be happy we tried everything Deirdre."

She shared more of her story with me, but I just wanted to hone in on that comment "I'll be happen we tried everything" with the intention of serving you.

Need To Know I Tried Everything At 50 -
Patriarchal Perspective

As I have mentioned before, one of the strong values that permeates our patriarchal world is that of producing. Being productive. And focusing on the end observable result.

In a way, the patriarchal download has taught us that we can only be happy once we have tried everything. Because, "trying everything" taps into another patriarchal preoccupation - taking action.

Being active and out there trying everything is much more valid and valuable in patriarchy than, for example, more feminine contributions to the creative process like pausing, retreating or taking a break.

In our patriarchal world, when we stay on the path trying everything, it validates the truth of our desires. It validates the initial investments in the journey. And it frees us somewhat from the "blame" of not producing... should that arise.

Need To Know I Tried Everything At 50 -
Engaging the Feminine™

But on the fertility journey as a women over 50, you are being called strongly to engage feminine wisdom here also. From my experience, the feminine (especially when working in conjunction with the masculine) is super-efficient and effective.

And she is not wasteful because she's tuned into variables that are beyond the straight line and not necessarily obvious to the naked patriarchal eye.

What I'm inviting you to do here is to begin to engage your feminine wisdom in this journey. And not just proceed because then you can be happy knowing that you've tried everything. 

But rather to move forward with donor eggs (or anything else), because that  feels right for you. Because that's where life is pulling you. Because it feels authentic for you to take those next steps.

When you are tuning into how it feels for you to proceed you are Engaging the Feminine™ also on your motherhood journey. Because  even if patriarchy has forgotten it, the feminine is a core part of the creative process and your creative contribution to having a baby at 50.

Need To Know I Tried Everything At 50 -
Feminine Wisdom

So I have a few feminine questions for you to reflect on:

(1) Can you give yourself permission to be happy full stop? Or can that only happen once you've tried everything?

(2) Can you engage your feminine wisdom in this process and move forward with donor eggs, for example, because that is where you are called to go? Because it just feels right and good for you?

Because from that space, you can show up with donor eggs (or any other option) as a woman in her creative power.

Play with me here and imagine the difference it would make to the egg - to be in an environment in which you feel good, open, curious and in touch with your feminine power. Can you feel how much more comfortable, safe and inviting that would be?

I would love to hear your comments on this because your contribution here really matters.

Audio - Need To Know I Tried Everything At 50

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