Menopause Reversal Is Possible

menopause reversal

Is Menopause Reversal Possible?  

Is menopause reversal really possible? Well, the research that inspired this post is singing a very strong "yes"!

The article in question, published in the New Scientist, shares an interview with a doctor from a Greek fertility clinic who claims to have found a way to rejuvenate post menopausal ovaries. So how have they achieved this?

By using platelet rich plasma - a blood treatment - that helps wounds to heal faster. This platelet rich plasma is made by centrifuging a sample of a woman's blood to isolate the molecules that trigger growth of tissue and blood vessels.

Similar to going through the spin cycle in a washing machine, this centrifuging separates out the blood and the growth factor can then be injected into the ovaries.

Menopause Reversal -
Their Findings

They found that this process rejuvenates older ovaries. Because when injected into the ovaries of menopausal women, the menstrual cycle began again and they were able to collect and fertilise the eggs that were released.

They refer to one patient whose menopause had established five years earlier at the age of 40 (I said 50 in the audio below). But six months after being injected with the platelet rich plasma, she experienced her first period since menopause. Following this, they collected three eggs from this woman which were then successfully fertilised.

Their research involved 30 women between the ages of 46 and 49 years. And they managed to isolate and fertilise eggs from most of them.

"It seems to work in about 2/3 of cases. We see changes in biochemical patterns, a restoration of menses, and egg recruitment and fertilisation."
Konstantinos Sfakianoudis

Menopause Reversal -
Feminine Wisdom

When this was published, they had yet to implant any fertilised eggs. But the results are very interesting to say the least. Of course more research is required with bigger numbers and clinical trials have started since then. But in the meantime I see feminine wisdom here that can support your fertility now!

The most important is this. Patriarchal ideas around female fertility have been linear. They have convinced us that we are born with a limited egg supply, the numbers of which deplete (and deteriorate) at an rapid pace. They inform us that female fertility drops dramatically after 40 and is almost non-existent after 45.

And that's the end of the story. Or end, should I say, of the patriarchal story - the patriarchal line. (You can find more on this in my previous publication called 'Infertility is a Medical Issue').

But this research, in my view, is whispering feminine clues sharing a very different perspective around female fertility and menopause. Especially as it relates to the centrifuging process. The following is my feminine translation!

When the blood is engaged in directions and perspectives other than the linear - then new possibilities, probabilities and capabilities emerge.

Menopause Reversal -
Applying This To Your Fertility Journey

Bear with me... The linear approach and that patriarchal version of female fertility has been limiting, ageing and so very constricting for women. It has choked the life (and value) out of us with every passing month and year.

Due to the menstrual cycle, blood has long been associated with the feminine. And in my view feminine wisdom, as it shows up in this research, is letting you know that the process of accessing perspectives beyond the linear is rejuvenating, enriching and so very empowering for your Creative Feminine®. And your fertility.

For me, the circular, spiraling motion itself is also feminine. And mirrors the menstrual cycle that returns around each month. Reminding us, perhaps, that each moment holds new possibilities and directions (when we open up to seeing them).

So, instead of walking the linear, rational, logical path in terms of how you think about menopause. And believing the patriarchal bellowing of "once it comes, that's pretty much it". (Even when we see how ovarian function returns or observe ovulation after menopause.)...

...I invite you to engage in perspectives beyond the linear and open up to rejuvenating fertility possibilities in that process.

Audio - Menopause Reversal

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