Infertility Is A Medical Issue – Or Is it?

infertility is a medical issue

Infertility Is A Medical Issue?  

Infertility is a medical issue. Or is it? This audio and article came about as I was researching another article on coping with secondary infertility. While perusing through the Resolve website (national infertility association in the US), this definition of infertility jumped out at me:

"Infertility is defined as a disease or condition of the reproductive system often diagnosed after a couple has had one year of unprotected, well-timed intercourse, or if the woman has suffered from multiple miscarriages. Infertility is a medical problem..."

Of course, I am not the first to question the assumption that infertility is a disease. Or the appropriateness of dealing with infertility within just a biomedical framework. And nor is this the first time I have come across such a definition - but on this occasion as I read the above three things came up for me....

Infertility Is A Medical Issue -
Patriarchal Possessiveness

The first relates to patriarchal ownership and I could almost feel the gripped embrace that the medical model (a child of patriarchy) has fashioned around a woman's fertility. Along with a sense that "This is mine. It's my domain. It's my possession".

I explored, in part, the history of this in a previous post on fertility and feminine wisdom, and how this might show up in preventing chromosomal abnormalities, but that definition reminded me again of how much this attitude prevails in patriarchy. With women and women's bodies being - or perceived as such - owned by the masculine.

Because we've been swimming in this patriarchal soup for many hundreds of years, it's understandable that these ideas would percolate through our systems to this day.

Infertility Is A Medical Issue -
Patriarchal Territory

The second angle that this definition communicated was the following:  "Only the medical approach matters here. Only my (medical) perspective matters."

By defining infertility as a medical issue, we limit our responses and solutions to whatever this model perceives as appropriate or accurate. And this also reflects exactly how things have been on the planet where the perspective of the masculine (logic, reason etc.) has been what counts.

While other ideas or approaches to knowledge, understanding or healing have been negated, undermined, and perceived as though they have no value whatsoever. Or worse, that they are dangerous and it is much better to stay away from them.

Infertility Is A Medical Issue -
Feminine Wisdom

And that triggered a third idea which relates to female infertility. Which is how - when these kinds of assumptions dominate - it can be so hard for a woman to feel empowered in her fertility.

Because apart from the egg and womb piece, the contribution of the feminine has been excluded from our story about creation. And there is little or no weight given to how a woman feels or her true desires regarding motherhood .

So with that in mind, there is truth in the notion that infertility is a medical (patriarchal) issue! In that, in my view, a patriarchal understanding of the feminine and female fertility actually contributes to 'infertility challenges' that show up. (See an example of this in preventing preclampsia​.)

Because it disconnects a woman from her creative power and contribution. And then forces these 'challenges' into a disease model when, more often than not, there is feminine wisdom at work within them. Which is wanting to be heard. And is guiding a woman to make changes in her life so that she can show up as the woman and mother she was born to be.

Co-creation requires both the masculine and the feminine and I look forward to the day when the medical approach to fertility is also Engaging the Feminine®. It is happening already of course in an informal way. I shared here how my fertility doctors were more tapped into feminine wisdom than I was!

You and I are part of that shift too. And as we engage here and listen more and more to our feminine guidance, we facilitate that beautiful birth. Together. One baby step at a time! Thank you for your powerful participation in this evolution!

Audio - Infertility Is A Medical Issue

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