I Want A Baby But I’m Single And 48

I Want a Baby But I'm Single And 48

I Want a Baby But I'm Single And 48  

Can you resonate with this: I want a baby but I'm single and 48? I discovered valuable advice around this in my research. It seems like there are many women desperate for a baby but single.

It has even been granted the title of 'social infertility' which refers to the situation in which a woman wants a child but doesn't have one because she doesn't have a male partner. Or course the word "infertility" is totally inappropriate in this situation. So please don't wear that patriarchal hat.

And should you be curious, here is a list of what not to say to single women who want a baby. But I would like to comment on this from another perspective in response to an email I received.

Hi Deirdre....I'm turning 48 in a few months, but I feel and look 10 years younger. I'm in perfect health and I still have not given up on my dream of finding the right partner and having a child....  RK.

I Want a Baby But I'm Single And 48 -
Patriarchal Position

Perhaps it's not relevant in your case, but I felt it important to consider the background here. In patriarchy, women and girls have been led to believe that 'finding the man' is one of the tasks of life. 

The notion that the masculine comes first in the patriarchal download often worms its way as a "given" into the creative life of a woman. So if you are thinking 'I want a baby but I'm single and 48', there may an assumption that the 'proper' order is a follows (1) man first (2) then baby. 

While it has been the dominant model on the planet, this has had far more to do with the controlling of land, wealth and women than what is best for society. Anyway, the upshot is that sometimes we hold ourselves back from creating our motherhood dreams and living our true purpose... by waiting for the man to come first.

I Want a Baby But I'm Single And 48 -
Feminine Wisdom

Even if this isn't relevant in your story RK,  what steps could you take to move forward towards your dreams?

You mentioned having a small family. How can you begin to feel that now? How can you move forward into having your baby now that is not about waiting for a man? In a way that feels empowered for you.  It doesn't have to be logical. What is most important here is how you feel.

Play around with new possibilities. Would it be ok for you to meet the man of your dreams as you drop your child off to a play date? I just wonder if perhaps you are being invited to begin to listen more to the beckoning of the feminine who knows your deepest desires. And is not at all limited to this linear idea of man first then baby......

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