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how to transform baby loss

How To Transform Baby Loss   

Because it has most obviously affected women, how to transform baby loss has not been very high on political agendas. Until recently, that is,  as women have the courage to share their stories. In situations where it would have been perceived as inappropriate in our patriarchal past. 

A beautiful example of this comes from Betsy Myers in her book "Take the Lead". The first director of the White House Office for Women's Initiative and Outreach in the Clinton Administration, she found it important enough to include the theme of baby loss in her book.

Specifically, she shared the work of Janet Petersen who founded Count the Kicks organisation which is dedicated to teaching women and professionals how to transform baby loss. After experiencing stillbirth herself, Janet just didn't buy it when informed that it was "a fluke tragedy". 

She began to research and unearthed another version of this viewpoint. Indeed, Janet discovered that "most stillbirths could be avoided if more people were aware of the warning signs". Hence, count the kicks....

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2017 with the Global Wave of Light 2017 initiative is also about how to transform baby loss. All these feminine responses include sharing, connecting, searching for and creating meaning beyond what patriarchy has perceived as appropriate or true. I would like to continue in that vein here in response to the following message I received: "I'm afraid I can't have a baby. I've lost two already."

How To Transform Baby Loss -
For You

It is true that you have lost two babies and I would like to honour them both and their contribution to the world. Even if we don't understand it fully yet. I would also like to honour you and your contribution here.

In terms of supporting you around your loss, it is useful to refer to Step 1 of my Feminine Engagement Method™ which is FORM. And to invite you to give yourself permission to FORM or write a new story around your babies. (Please watch the video below for more on this).

In this case, I am inviting you to allow yourself to tune into the gain within the loss story. Allow me to show you what that might look like. (The video does this more justice).

But, is it possible (even just a little bit) that....

  • You have gained two children...
  • You have gained the experience of motherhood, even if only for just a brief time...
  • You have gained the knowing of what it's like for life to be growing in your body....
  • You have gained even more wisdom and insight into who you are and who you want to be...

How To Transform Baby Loss -
For Your Baby

And might it be possible that your children have gained too?

  • Gained from the beautiful connection and love that you will share forever
  • Gained from the cozy experience of being safe and warm near your heart (like in the image above except from inside your body).
  • Gained from having the experience of what it is like to be in the physical body on planet earth at this time
  • Gained from being the seeds for this video and article that will serve many, many women...

And much more.....

Now if somebody had offered me this opinion a few years ago, I might have screamed at them. And changing the story is a journey. However, through engaging feminine wisdom to shape a new narrative around my three babies, I do feel a gorgeous gain all around now. I invite you to open up to allowing this to gently happen for you too.

Video - How To Transform Baby Loss With Feminine Wisdom

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