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How to Cope with everyone else getting pregnant

How To Cope With
Everyone Else Getting Pregnant  

Wondering how to cope with everyone else getting pregnant? Certainly it can be a very difficult time for a woman, hearing about yet another friend's pregnancy. So much so, that it has been the subject of many other articles

In this video and article below, I will be drawing on feminine wisdom and insight into her role in the creative process and baby making. I hope that there is value in it for you.

How To Cope With Everyone Else Getting Pregnant -
The Success Principles

This was partially inspired by the book "The Success Principles" by one of my mentors Jack Canfield. The principle I am referring to here is the following: 

"See what you want and get what you see".

In that principle, Jack is alluding to the power of visualisation. And to focusing your attention on what it is you want.  And this is very much linked to the FORM step of my Feminine Engagement Method™.

In the FORM step, we move away from the patriarchal interpretation of events - the one that has taught us to feel like victims and helpless in our fertility. The one that automatically tunes into the "but I still don't have a baby" piece of the story.

The one that has told us that our worth and purpose as women is inextricably linked to having children. The one that does not understand yet the role of feelings and the feminine in the co-creative process.

How To Cope With Everyone Else Getting Pregnant -
Feminine Wisdom

When you hear news of somebody else getting pregnant, it is so easy to be catapulted into a cascade of emotions of infertility. Indeed, at some level, that is what we have been trained to do. And having a good cry does have it's place. I know. I am a master at this.

But when you understand the power of these emotions and what they mean, then it becomes a little easier to move on after the cry. Rather than continue to mull over the perspective that triggers it (e.g. "It will never be me."). 

What we haven't been taught in our patriarchal world is the following. When your interpretation stirs up negative fertility emotions such as despair, that is guidance from your feminine wisdom. And she is telling you that the pain you are experiencing is as a result of the gap between your interpretation of the situation and hers.

Because she knows what you really want and doesn't deviate her attention away from that ever - even if you do. Sounds nuts in a patriarchal model in which feelings (and most things feminine) have been perceived as superfluous and tiresome (at best).

How To Cope With Everyone Else Getting Pregnant -
And Support Your Fertility

But there is powerful guidance there if you choose to hear it. And your feminine wisdom is inviting you to begin to look at things - your friend's pregnancy news in this instance - in a way that supports your fertility.

Yes, you have the power to respond to this situation in a way that actually supports your fertility.

With the FORM step, you decide to create a new story around this (not limited to the patriarchal perspective) that feels good. Or at least better. Allow me to demonstrate what that might look like.

When you see a pregnant woman, somebody with a baby or somebody announcing their pregnancy, choose to see in that a reminder of your fertility.

Intend to interpret it as evidence of your own fertility, of you coming more and more into alignment with your own healthy pregnancy.

How To Cope With Everyone Else Getting Pregnant -
FORM A New Fertility Story

So instead of wondering how to deal with infertility when everyone is getting pregnant, ask yourself this. How can you respond to these situations in a way that supports your fertility and reconnects you with your true creative power.

What if you began to imagine that every pregnant woman you met or heard of was coming to remind you of your own imminent pregnancy. How would that feel if you really believed it? Exciting? Joyful?

And how would you feel about these other women and babies then - if they were messengers from your fabulous fertility? Might you be appreciate them for showing up and oozing fertile health.

Initially this shift can take quite an effort. Because the old ways are very familiar. And that is kind of how we are expected to be. 

But as you begin Engaging the Feminine™ and understanding that your feelings are powerful guides on your creative journey, you will want to find an interpretation of the story that feels better.

And as you continue to do that, you will find that other things in your life begin to shift too. Around every corner you discover more evidence of your fertility and your creative power. And you begin to trust more and more in you, your body and your baby!

Video - How To Cope With Everyone Else Getting Pregnant

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