How To Boost Ovulation When Trying To Get Pregnant After 40

how to boost ovulation

How To Boost Ovulation Now   

Fertility boosters and how to boost ovulation are topics that most women, who are planning on getting pregnant over 40, wonder about.

When I hear that question "How can I boost my ovulation?", the image that comes up in my mind is of trying to lift up ovulation, trying to elevate it. It's effortful. And, there's a sense of: 'that's what we have to do to get ovulation working properly'.

For me, this is a reflection of our world that has perceived ovulation through the eyes of patriarchy. A world in which a woman's value lies in her ability to give birth, to nurture and care for children and be a wife/partner. While that has served us for sure, we are really being called to expand our understanding of what ovulation is really about. And this is especially important for women over 45 and 50 who are trying to have a baby.

How to Boost Ovulation -
Feminine Wisdom

There is so much more going on with ovulation than our patriarchal world has tapped into. What I would love to invite you to do now is to just open up to a different relationship with your beautiful ovulation. Instead of trying to lift it up and make it strong because that's what's really important, intend to create a space around your ovulation that:

  • Allows it to show up
  • Appreciates its presence
  • Is safe for it to be expressed fully and
  • Invites it to thrive

 Instead of pushing it up then, your ovulation becomes the center of a beautiful circle. The image for me is of a rich, fertile circle, with flowers growing around it. As you tender it, as you connect with it in a feminine way, it can flourish and bloom.

Reclaiming Ovulation From Patriarchy

I'd love you to stay with that kind of image - of you creating the space around your ovulation that allows it to thrive.

Instead of wondering how to boost ovulation, the first step is to reclaim ovulation back from patriarchy.

Deirdre Morris

You can do this by remembering that every single ovulation has value. It's value is not just connected to whether that ovulation results in a baby. Absolutely not. What your amazing feminine wisdom is showing you each month with ovulation is that you are a creator and you are always creating.

When you are Engaging the Feminine™ with your ovulation, you begin to co-create with it in a deliberate way. You develop a relationship with it that is open to and welcoming of conception, but is not solely focused on that.

And as you do this, you support your fertility by releasing the pressure and allowing yourself to experience success with each ovulation regardless. No longer are patriarchal values breathing down your fertile neck.

Moving Closer To Motherhood
With Each Ovulation

You can set intentions around every ovulation that help set you up for the kind of motherhood you would love. The kind of childhood you want for your baby. The kind of relationship you want with your child.

One ovulation, it might be that
you let release from your physical environment things that don't feel good, that are not in alignment with you becoming the kind of mother you want to be.

During another ovulation, you might focus on nourishing yourself in new ways that feel great or start the process of creating the support system you need
to thrive as a mother.

In this way, you are creating the space for motherhood and claiming it each month. But it's not contingent on whether that particular egg is going to become your baby.

That is what the feminine wants you to remember here when it comes to knowing how to boost ovulation and how to make yourself more fertile. Receive the gifts of your ovulation. Harness this very fertile expression of your creative power. Sow the seeds of exactly what you want for you and for your baby.

Understand that you can do that successfully every single month. You can feel yourself getting closer and closer to this reality. Regardless of whether this particular ovum is fertilised. Regardless of what the partriarchy has taught you. You can also check out this lovely ovulation affirmation audio and article here.

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